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Today’s lesson? Science ticks all the boxes - Issue 122
Regular readers of this column (if there are any) will have noticed (if they’re paying attention) an increasing note of desperation about the state of my game as it spirals inexorably downwards into the abyss...
Teeing up the questions...and answers - Issue 121
All his adult life Clive Agran has been hoping to be interviewed by someone other than a market-researcher carrying a clipboard...
If only they could see the bigger picture - Issue 118
My green credentials are almost as impeccable as my backswing. In the early 1970s, when pollution was fashionable and recycling was considered subversive...
Marathon effort puts paid to the Masters - Issue 117
If I slice a tee shot on to your fairway over the course of the next 12 months, will you kindly let me go about my business and not ask what I thought of the Masters?
Marathon effort puts paid to the Masters - Issue 116
Call it a final desperate throw of the dice if you like but, having exhausted every conceivable combination of swing thoughts without much success...
A much more fun way to do it... - Issue 115
Politely attending a dull press conference in Abu Dhabi when Paul McGinley was named European Ryder Cup captain, I came to believe there’s a better way of doing things.
#wheretweetsareasrareasbirdies - Issue 112
Rather pathetically, I must begin with an apology to those 56 loyal followers who have been waiting patiently for more than two years and have not heard a dicky bird from me.
The true romance of the Highlands - Issue 111
This is a tale of romance, golf, love and more golf.
Ups and downs at the Home of Golf - Issue 110
There are few more thrilling sights in golf, I don’t think, than me crunching the ball 185 yards, give or take, off the tee...
A year of living vicariously - Issue 109
At the risk of seriously annoying my several loyal followers, I should reveal that I turned down the opportunity of going to Augusta this year.
Doing it for all the right reasons - Issue 107
The career path of a golfing journalist is rarely paved with gold, but there are sufficient benefits to maintain a sense of professional pride. A lavish celebrity bash in Bermuda, for instance, being one of them
And here’s one I made earlier... - issue 106
Safe to say that golf’s sophisticated R&D boffins needn’t lose too much sleep over some of the game’s more radicle inventions to have taken shape in a garage somewhere in deepest East Sussex...
Making good your escape - Issue 105
You deserve a golf holiday – you know you do, even if your family fail to see the obvious. The really tricky part is figuring out with whom, and how many, you should take your vacation
Darren to defend at Dale Hill? - Issue 104
...well, that won’t be happening, as the 2012 Open Championship has already been awarded to Royal Lytham & St Annes. But why, the author ponders, does the Open always have to be held on a links?
Handicaps: a pesky activity - Issue 103
As golfing offences go, it may not rank up there (down there?) with cheating, but the author has found himself in a hugely embarrassing position at his golf club – he is now officially Inactive
Been there, done that... - Issue 102
What were you doing during the hours of daylight between Monday 4th and Sunday 10th April 2011? Nothing particular? Well, perhaps you’d care to sit back while the author tells you what he was up to
Mistaken like a true pro - Issue 100
For a fleeting moment our man at large found himself in the unique position of being mistaken for a bona fide PGA professional. Then, the moment he stepped onto the tee, the crushing reality set in...
Under-paid and over-looked - Issue 99
An invitation to a lavish awards ceremony in Ireland could surely mean only one thing: a lifetime’s endeavour at the cutting edge of journalism was at last about to recognised with a major award
La vie sans golf – c’est rien - November 2010
Holidays in France are all very good and well but what if you don’t have your golf clubs with you? In that case, the prospect is a load of boules
“I'm special: agent required” - September 2010
After taking financial advice, the author reviewed his fiscal situation and decided to get proactive: from now on, anyone seeking his services is going to have to go through a third party
Forced to the custom-fitter - July 2010
It was the accidental disappearance of assorted golf clubs all around the world rather than a desire to be at the cutting edge of things that led our correspondent to decide to upgrade his equipment
Retriever is man's best friend - June 2010
With some savvy trading, our intrepid correspondent is beside himself at the immediate dividends he has enjoyed as a result of accepting some home truths and rearranging the make-up of his golf bag
The thinking man's solution - May 2010
Serious about lowering your handicap? Then it may be time to consider a lobotomy. After much research in the field, the author believes he has a radical, if controversial, game-improvement plan
It could have been so different - March 2010
Thwarted first in his ambitions to be a professional footballer, the author also found golfing expertise beyond him. The shame is he feels he would have what it takes mentally – or, of course, he’s mental
Desperately seeking solutions - January 2010
A couple of new golfing concepts have caught the author’s eye – both representing departures from the traditional strokeplay format that tends to punish him but still not ideal scenarios
Solving golf’s Olympic issues - November 2009
Does golf really need another over-blown strokeplay tournament? Of course not, which is why the author’s radical proposals should be taken seriously as the game teeters on the brink of the Olympics
I watched the girls... and I liked it - August 2009
A clash of dates ruling out a week at Turnberry, our correspondent made for Royal Lytham where he found the Women's British Open even better than the real thing
A horrible seven-year twitch - June 2009
Surely deserving to be hailed as the Dale Hill equivalent of Bernhard Langer, our author continues to battle against the most dreaded golf disease of all
Genuine stuff of captaincy - May 2009
A modest 14-handicap doesn’t (and indeed shouldn’t) stand in the way of the
potential to skipper a winning Ryder Cup side, writes our man at the 19th
A new start for a new season- March 2009
Making New Year's resolutions is one thing but will Clive Agran actually stick to them?
Mixing it with the elite - November 2008
When it comes to top-level competition, it definitely pays to pick your partners
Electric dreamland - September 2008
The author is forced to acknowledge the ravages of time when it comes to his golf even if he still rails against the idea of wearing spectacles
Golf’s greatest handicap - August 2008
It’s high time that the handicapping system was scrapped, allowing better players to win
Courting a media frenzy - July 2008
The author awakes from deep slumber to deliver the most redundant speech in golf
Pro-am peak came too early to fulfil potential - June 2008
One of the facets of golf that means it stands out from other sports is the chance it can offer to play with the professionals
Your handicap reduced: absolutely guaranteed - May 2008
In this (far from) brave new world, your golf game is bound to get better


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