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The Major - Issue 122
A most embarrassing incident this morning. At about 7 a.m. Mrs Mary O’Malley, heading our laundry staff in the basement...
The Major - Issue 121
Members are advised to ignore all reports in the gutter press relating to the Captain’s arrest in the Cayman Islands...
The Major - Issue 119
Golf was formally introduced to the United States in 1888 with the founding in Yonkers, NY, of the St. Andrew’s Golf Club, presently enjoying its 125th anniversary celebrations.
The Major - Issue 118
Greetings from the ex-colony, now State, of South Carolina, where I am a guest of the Historical Society, headquartered in the pleasant – if rather humid – city of Charleston.
The Major - Issue 117
Much as I love this place where I have been Secretary now for nearly 30 years, there are times when I just have to escape.
The Major - Issue 116
The Captain has asked me to draw to your attention the matter of Honorary Memberships...
The Major - Issue 115
Let it not be said that this ancient Club is behind the times or in any way backward. Not only do we have access to the so-called Internet, but our Fi-Wi apparatus now has LARGE LETTERS for Seniors...
The Major - Issue 114
Major, I understand you have recently returned from the United States, and I wondered if you might share with us your observation on the clubs, courses and indeed on the golfing culture of...
The Major - Issue 113
Despite contributing to Golf International for some six years now, Major Roland Warren-Dawlish, Secretary of Royal St Luke’s Golf Club, has remained virtually unknown to this magazine’s editorial staff...
The Major - Issue 112
The R&A, let me say at once, is a splendid organisation, innovative yet conservative, ever-changing yet unaltered from the Club founded in May 1754 by 22 ‘Noblemen & Gentlemen,’ mostly Fife gentry, in the reign of the late King George II of blessed memory.
The Major - Issue 111
I see from the Press that the R&A is looking at ‘ways and means to make the Game more attractive to the younger generation.
The Major - Issue 110
Members will have seen reports on BBC News, followed by lurid accounts in the gutter press, of events surrounding the Captain’s recent official visit to the Romanov-Raskolnikov Golf Club at Tsarskoye Selo in Russia.
The Major - Issue 109
Due to the unseasonably short winter and unreasonably early spring, the Club’s
Opening Weekend for the golf season has been brought forward to the 23-25 March.
The Major - Issue 108
Members will be aware that following the loss of our VAT exemption and the Treasurer’s disastrous foray into the Paraguayan junk-bond market, some draconian belt-tightening will be necessary.
The Major - Issue 107
Members will be aware from the leader in The Times – and from the sniggering in the gutter press – that the Supreme Court has rejected our final Appeal for restoration of our VAT exemption.
The Major - Issue 106
This Club must be home to almost every registered eccentric in the golfing world. The items which crash into my in-tray beggar belief.
The Major - Issue 105
I am about to depart from hence to the granite city of Aberdeen to attend the Walker Cup to be contested over the next couple of days betwixt the Land of the Absent Summer and the Land of Earthquake and Irene.
The Major - Issue 103
Now approaching the end of a most enjoyable and instructive 3-week lecture tour of our ex- Colonies.
The Major - Issue 102
Not without trepidation, I have left the Club for three weeks in the charge of the Captain, Sgt. Maj. Watkins our gate guardian and my assistant Harriet Harrison known (with justification) as The Harridan.
The Major - Issue 101
The recent decision by Lord Fanshawe, the President of the R&A, to issue a series of ex cathedra Statements on the origins of golf’s often obscure terminology is to be welcomed.
The Major - Issue 100
It seems to me that Royal St Lukes GC is the home club of almost every registered eccentric in the golfing world.
The Major - Issue 97
A recent State Visit to St Lukes - and to the R&A - by a Chinese delegation has prompted me to enquire as to the origins of that great country’s game of Chui Wan.
The Major - Issue 96
Golf has long hungered for a definitive history of its origins – a history which would determine who actually teed up the first feathery and pulled out the first driver.
The Major - Issue 95
As a golfing historian in addition to my secretarial duties here at Royal St Luke’s, I am often asked to give an opinion on matters related to golf’s origins.
The Major - Issue 94
Having to deal daily with the lunacies of members, visitors, caddies and the Healthy & Safe Executive.
The Major - Issue 93
The Captain has instructed me to write to all Members about the ever-present problem of the bandit.
The Major - Issue 91
The publication of this Club’s QFA (Questions Frequently Asked) in the last issue was followed by a veritable blizzard of telegrams, faxes, emails, letters and other communications from the curious to the downright nosey.
The Major - Issue 90
I continue to be bombarded with demands for information regarding the history and activities of the Club.
The Major - Issue 89
I would be obliged if you could furnish me with an explanation of the extraordinary events surrounding Regional Final Qualifying (RFQ) at Royal St Luke’s for The Open at Turnberry.
The Major - Issue 88
The arrival of Spring has brought with it the usual avalanche of unwanted correspondence – some of it actually relating to golf.
The Major - Issue 87
In the deepening financial predicament, in which the Club finds itself, the Captain issued the following Encyclical Letter in which, invoking Article XVII of our 1603 Constitution.
The Major - Issue 86
As this dreadful year draws to a thankful close, some of you may be reflecting on 12 months of regression and recession, when we have seen our leaders dither, our prospects wither – and our investments gobbled up in the credit munch.
The Major - Issue 85
I write on the instructions of the Captain and Council to clarify recent wild speculations in the press – and rumours in the clubhouse – regarding the financial position of the club.
The Major - Issue 84
I have just returned from the People’s Republic of China where I was a referee in the inaugural Olympic Golf Tournament.
The Major - Issue 83
As the Tiger-less Open approaches, I look forward to descending upon the sacred turf of Birkdale with a degree of serenity which religion is powerless to bestow.
The Major - Issue 82
I write at the behest of captain and council to advise you that Royal St Luke’s wishes to retake its place on the Open Championship rota with immediate effect.
The Major - Issue 81
My interactions with members take many forms. There is the quiet word in the locker room, the harangue after too much kummel in Founders Lounge, the screechings of the Suggestion Book, the e-mails which somehow evade my spamblocker – and then there are the letters.
The Major - Issue 80
As spring makes its (increasingly early) appearance at St Luke’s, I make another appeal to all right-minded – and indeed left minded– golfers to leap to the protection of their fairways.


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