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Science of Service … It's a Revolution!

October 21, 2014

Service and how it is delivered is the future of business and all organisations that depend on the delivery of quality service to the customers have to become FUTURE READY Now!

The golf club industry is no exception and given the challenges faced in meeting member expectations, understanding the Science Of Service is a MUST and TOTALLY APPLICABLE!

All businesses are service businesses – and yet it is one that seems to be increasingly pertinent. Services have become a driving force in economies around the world, and this growth has created significant opportunities and challenges for businesses as they seek to innovate and compete through service.

Service design, for instance, is attracting increasing attention worldwide as firms look to improve service quality and customer experience by re-organising the infrastructure, people and material components of service and how it is delivered.

Services – formerly seen as a cost of doing business – have migrated to the revenue side of the ledger. And many companies now perceive services – solutions – as products unto themselves. Best of all, service products usually increase not only revenues, but also profits. As a result, some companies are looking into the future and see themselves reconfigured as service companies.

The golf and golf club industries are also caught up in this paradigm shift to service as the industries strive to grow, change and stay relevant in an environment of rapidly changing business dynamics.

Service and its delivery thereof has taken new meaning in the world of golf clubs and this has led to an increased focus on building a science of service.

To make sense of the "Science of Service" and how golf clubs can harness this new management philosophy, the 2014 Asia Pacific Golf Summit has engaged a world class expert to address the topic. He is Andy Stangenberg, President and founder of Q-Principle USA and Q-Principle Asia-Pacific to introduce the intellectual and practical activities encompassing the systematic study of service through observation and experiment.

"Science of Service" strategies are currently used by world leading corporations such as IBM. It's a game changer and it set's the course for innovation, moves the needle and lets professionals experience future promises.

Enjoy this special video on Customer Service:

Stangenberg is passionate about the science of service: "We only have 70 summers, so what we are waiting for? We need to create a legacy and a legacy is not established by waiting or doing the same things over and over again. Isn't that the definition for insanity?"

SIGN UP NOW for APGS 2014 and soak in all of Stangenberg's inspirational advice on how you can become a serious player in the new world of service.

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See you at APGS 2014 on November 14-15 at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore!


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