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Laser Blast - The Cleveland CG15 wedge
January 2010

Catching the eye at the Golf Europe show in Munich for its highly novel face markings was the Cleveland CG15 wedge, which features a brand new laser milling technology which – for 2010 at least – is combined with the same monster-size ‘Zip’ grooves of the CG12 model it replaces.

Laser milled 'Zip' grooves on the Cleveland CG15 Black Pearl wedge

Laser milling in this context is not about the grooves themselves but a method of roughening the surface of the clubface between the grooves to provide additional friction on the ball. The technology was developed by Cleveland in the US while researching ways to compensate for the reduction in spin implied by the forthcoming new rules.

“Laser Milling reduces the natural tendency for a golf ball to slip up the face of a highly-lofted club – a factor which affects the amount of spin a player can put on the golf ball irrespective of the configuration of the actual grooves,” says Ben Davis, Cleveland’s UK marketing chief. “When, in 2011, we have to manufacture all clubs to the new groove protocol, this technology will help compensate significantly for the reduction in spin from the rough,” he adds, explaining how laser milling exploits the USGA ‘roughness’ limit of 0.001-inches between surface ‘peak and troughs’.

The Cleveland CG15 wedges come in three finishes:
(l to r) Oil Quench, Satin Chrome and Black Pearl

Meanwhile, Cleveland tour players, such as Vijay Singh, will be hoping that laser milling will moderate the anticipated 25% reduction in spin to a more manageable 15% in their tour-conforming models.

Whatever the precise benefit, the CG15 looks set to be another landmark in the Cleveland wedge legacy. From an aesthetic point of view, it refines the stylish CG12 with a more rounded leading edge and a new S-Sole shape sporting a shallower toe section that allows for more playable open-faced shots.

Reflecting the company’s comprehensive commitment to the short- game market, the CG15 will be offered in some 70 options, covering Black Pearl, Satin Chrome and Oil Quench finishes, with lofts of 46 through 64 degrees; and Standard, Low and High Bounce models, 8 to 16 degrees, according to loft. The CG15 will retail at £99 each. (Watch them in action in the video below)

Meanwhile, the same laser-milling face technology will feature on the Cleveland CG7 irons which are now available in the sumptuous Black Pearl finish in both regular and Tour models.

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