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Callaway puts a HEX on the game with the ball that does it all...
Febuary 2, 2012

Callaway will have golfers in a spin when what is promised to be the 'Holy Grail' of golf balls - the all-new HEX Black Tour - is released on February 15. Several years of R&D have gone into this 5-piece ball that delivers both low spin off the tee for greater distance and high spin with great feel around the greens.

Callaway’s HEX Black Tour features a host of new and proprietary technologies that promise to make this ultra-premium golf ball different from every other white, dimpled, 1.62oz sphere in the game. The engineering advancements - including an innovative dual-core construction, an exceptionally durable cover material and revolutionary HEX Aerodynamics - combine in a five-piece ball that will offer the best spin separation and all-around performance characteristics yet seen.

Click here for a video presentation of the Callaway HEX Black Tour ball

A golf ball that yields distance-enhancing low spin off the tee, while still providing the superior control that comes from generating more spin around the greens, has long been held as the 'Holy Grail' of golf ball design. The measured differential between the high spin generated on shorter approach shots into the green and the optimal low spin off the driver for maximum distance off the tee is called spin separation, and Callaway’s all-new HEX Black Tour has it in abundance.

Callaway HEX Back Tour 6-point performance features (click image to enlarge)

“I’ve had more fun working on my game with the new HEX Black Tour ball than I have in years because I’ve been able to hit shots around the green that I haven’t been able to hit since the ’90s with wound balls,” said four-time Major Champion and Callaway Golf staff professional Phil Mickelson. “The amazing thing to me is the spin separation; how this ball spins so much from 40 yards in, and yet spins so little off the driver and goes so far. I’ve never seen a ball with that combination of short-range control and distance.”

Callaway HEX Black Tour golf ball

“We took a unique approach in the design of our new HEX Black Tour golf ball and the investments we’ve made in new technology over the past few years have culminated in this innovative 5-piece construction,” said Dave Bartels, Sr. Director, Golf Ball Research & Development, Callaway Golf. The level of Spin Separation golfers will experience can be attributed to our advanced i-Core technology and new DuraSpin cover material. Our advanced dual-mantle system and optimized HEX Aerodynamic design produce the ball speed and flight characteristics to benefit all golfers.”

For optimum performance from tee to green with exceptional feel, the HEX Black Tour golf ball’s construction includes various layers of innovative technology, all offering functional and meaningful advancements. These technologies and the benefits of each are outlined below:

i-Core technologyi-Core Technology

This dual core construction maximizes the compression difference between the inner and outer core layers. The extremely soft inner core helps reduce spin off the tee for more distance, while the high compression outer core creates higher spin closer to the green for more control with irons and wedges.

This relationship allows HEX Black Tour to achieve higher spin separation than any of our previous products.


Dual mantleDual Mantle

Both the inner and outer mantles are comprised of ionomer blends in different ratios to affect the hardness and resilience of each mantle layer.

In combination, the soft inner and firm outer mantles protect the high-tech dual core while producing powerful ball speeds across a range of swing speeds.


DuraSpin coverDuraSpin Cover

This proprietary cover formulation was developed using a unique thermoplastic urethane (TPU) blend with excellent mechanical properties and durability characteristics. Compared to previous materials employed by Callaway, durability has significantly improved to better prevent marks and scratches throughout the round.

The new DuraSpin cover is also very soft and gives players the feel and exceptional short-game spin they seek in a high performance Tour golf ball.

HEX aerodynamicsHEX Aerodynamics

Callaway’s patented HEX Aerodynamics produce 100 percent surface area coverage on a golf ball whereas traditional round dimples typically cover only 88 percent of the surface.

HEX Black Tour has the traditional HEX appearance, but with an enhanced surface contour, a more consistent finish system, and optimized performance resulting from hours upon hours of aerodynamic development. This highly engineered pattern provides the best aerodynamic performance ever in a Callaway golf ball, reducing drag and promoting a stable, penetrating ball flight in all types of playing conditions.

HEX Black Tour will be available from February 15 at a MSRP of £39.99 per dozen.


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