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Glenmuir and MacWet Fit Like a Glove

Glenmuir, the leading golf and leisure wear company, is teaming up with McSport Group to re-launch the MacWet performance golf gloves throughout Europe .

The two companies have signed an agreement which sees Glenmuir distribute the unique performance gloves under licence, and the newly packaged product is now available for immediate delivery to retailers across Europe .

McSport has succeeded in carving out a growing niche for the unique performance gloves, and the agreement will mean that Glenmuir's extensive network of pro shops and specialist golf retailers across Europe will have access to the product.

Speaking after Glenmuir recent launch to its sales teams, Sales and Marketing Director Andy Bough commented, “We are delighted to add MacWet gloves to the growing range of performance products we are offering our customers. Our focus on performance golf clothing has been enhanced by the golf socks we have been running successfully for two years now, and MacWet gloves are the perfect addition to this. It is a great product with a small but loyal customer base, and we look forward to introducing it to all of our customers in the UK and around Europe .”

Customers can order the gloves on Glenmuir's usual stock service programme, and the company has also put together starter packs which can be ordered in men's, women's or a combined size range.

MacWet gloves are tailored from Aquatec, a unique man-made fabric that provides superior grip and exceptional comfort. The natural wicking property of the fabric minimizes the effects of perspiration and ensures that the gloves can be used in all conditions to deliver superior grip and control. In dry conditions the relative thinness of the Aquatec fabric allows unrivalled feel and sensitivity. In high humidity, the glove actively draws moisture away from the hand, helping to maintain a consistent grip.

The benefits of wearing MacWet gloves can be enjoyed by all levels of golfer and are available in sizes suitable for men, women, and juniors. Low handicappers benefit from the consistently superior grip the gloves provide, and the snug fit ensures that there is no compromise on feel. The gloves all grip no slip performance also encourages higher handicappers to take a softer grip, as recommended by all good teaching professionals.

MacWet gloves are sold in pairs, so that the best possible grip and control can be maintained in the most extreme wet or humid conditions, making best use of the properties of the Aquatec fabric. MacWet gloves dry quickly and are machine washable, and can be kept in your golf bag easily by using the specially designed packaging that the gloves come in.


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