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New back saving device from Pickuptheballs.com

Collecting golf balls doesn't have to be a back-breaking task anymore.

MP Distribution brings an innovative tool out in the market but this time, it's for the golf enthusiasts and driving range workers. Pickuptheballs.com, has just launched the Golf Balls Collector, a handy tool that picks up golf balls without the back-breaking effort that usually comes with the process.

Designed to collect golf balls without the need to bend over, the Golf Balls Collector will effortlessly pick up small volumes of golf balls in the nooks and crannies of driving areas after driving and putting practice. The device comes with an equally nifty unloading bracket that allows the basket to be emptied in just a fraction of a second.

According to MP Distribution's Marketing Manager, Ms. Liz Mendiola, the Golf Balls Collector "was created to minimize, if not eliminate completely, the back bending required to pick up golf balls.  It is incredibly easy to roll around - definitely no bending required, hence fully Health & Safety Complaint."  Ms. Mendiola further confirms that the device has been proven to prevent lower back pains, back muscle strains, ligamental strains, and even possible vertebral disc herniation that can result from frequent back bending.

Statistics show that lower back pain often interferes with work, recreation, household chores and other routine activities. It is one of the most common conditions for which people seek medical attention, and it is second only to headache as the most common neurological condition. According to Health & Safety Executive (HSE), back pain "is more common in roles that involve stooping, bending over or crouching." But with the Golf Balls Collector, the incidence of having back pains or any related conditions is significantly reduced, if not completely eliminated. To see it in action, please click this link.

About Pickupthe balls.com

Pickupthe balls .com is the newest offspring of MP Distribution, the European distributor of the Golf Balls Collector as well as other innovative tools designed to make life easier - either at home or indeed out in the field!  For more information about the Golf Balls Collector or other MP Distribution products, please visit www.pickupthe balls.com or email golf@pickuptheballs.com .


September 25, 2009

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