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Perfect your swing with Power Plate

Professional golfers know that the key to winning at golf is optimum fitness, strength, flexibility and range of movement. To fulfil your potential on the golf course, whether at club level or in professional competitions, regular training on Power Plate® can help make the difference between a good golfer and a great golfer.

Developed to optimise the effects of Acceleration Training™ this revolutionary fitness machine is now recognised to be one of the most efficient training devices in the world. Internationally renowned golfers, Colin Montgomerie, Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke are among many professional sports men and women who have successfully incorporated Power Plate® into their training programmes with great results. Due to the positive response from the professional golfing world a Power Plate® pro5 has been placed in the PGA golf tour bus to help competitors train and warm-up before rounds.

A short workout on Power Plate® is the equivalent of 60 minutes conventional strenuous exercise in the gym and is an ideal way to warm-up and get ready for action. Apart from building strength and tone, performing dynamic stretching movements on Power Plate® can also help you improve your range of motion and give you the edge over your competitors. Lee Westwood uses his Power Plate® to complement his training and believes “it is very useful for stretching and can also give an excellent leg massage”.

Power Plate® works by transferring vibrations to muscles, enabling them to contract and relax up to 50 times a second in a reflex action. A static or dynamic pose, held for up to 60 seconds at a time, activates multiple muscle groups simultaneously to improve muscle strength, power, performance, flexibility and range of motion.

Colin Montgomerie has already seen the benefits of using Power Plate® and says: “ Power Plate® complements my fitness routine, it's great for increasing strength and has helped me increase my range of mobility in my lower back and I feel more flexible after I have used it.”

Due to his hectic schedule Colin welcomes the time saving aspect of this machine “I just like the fact that you can do your workout in a relatively short time. I could live without working out, but I couldn't do my job as well. I need to keep fit when I am not out on the tour. Using Power Plate® strengthens me and prevents injury.”

“I am convinced that Acceleration Training™ will become an essential part of professional golfers training programmes worldwide over the next few years”, explains Jeff Davis, Sports Scientist and Technical Consultant for Power Plate® UK . “The unique and very positive benefits of vibration training are quickly evident to users and it is a great tool to have for assisting in building up strength, improving flexibility and range of motion and rehabilitation and recovery from injury. It really is set to change the way professional golfers train.”

For further information, please contact Power Plate® UK on 020 7586 7200, email sales@power-plateuk.com or visit www.power-plateuk.com . Alternatively, for a demonstration please contact the Power Plate studios at Harrods on 020 7893 8518.


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