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Thirst on the first?

Drinks bottles for golfers.

Golf can be thirsty work, and with pit stops few and far between on the fairway, golfers need to be prepared. Refreshments can be served hot or cold at any time by Zefal's new Thermx isotherm bottle. The interior aluminium hull maintains the heat of any liquid at the temperature at which it was poured. This consistency is greatly appreciated, whether parched on a long summer's day or in need of relief from the chills.

The container has an outside techno-polymer hull so is robust and durable and fits easily into golf bags. It can be squeezed to improve the quick flow of any chosen beverage, so dispenses tea-breaks on the go. No smell is given to the drink and it tastes as though it has been brewed right there on the green.

For local stockists and further information please contact Vitalstock Ltd

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