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InstructaCard™ - your portable PGA pro!

InstructaCard No. 25 - The Set-Up: click here to buy it
InstructaCard No. 25 - The Set-Up: click here to buy it

That great golf showman and champion Chi Chi Rodriguez (winner of 8 PGA Tour titles and 22 Seniors Tour titles) once said: "If you buy a book on golf instruction buy the thinnest book you can find. The thinner the book, chances are the easier and more elementary the instruction."

Chi Chi was, of course, self-taught, as anyone who saw his highly individual swing - fashioned by hitting a tin can with a whittled tree branch - could testify, but his words ring true.

"Paralysis by analysis" is a disease afflicting many a handicap golfer. We tie ourelves in knots in front of the bathroom mirror, attempting swing moves that pros only develop after years of dogged practice and thousands of balls under the watchful eye of a coach, and then freeze over the first drive of the day on Saturday morning, as a hundred swing thoughts jostle for space in our head...

But now there's a product of which Chi Chi would surely approve. Because golf instruction doesn't come any thinner - or simpler - than the recently launched and excellent InstructaCards™.

The InstructaCard™ story began in the cathedral city of Ely in Cambridgeshire with Chris Keaney, an average 21 handicap golfer who, after a number of lessons, reading many books and magazines and watching numerous instructional DVDs, was becoming increasingly confused by conflicting information and advice.

Andrew George and Chris Keaney - founders of InstructaCard
Andrew George and Chris Keaney
Chris may need a little refresher course with
Instructacard™ No. 25: Set-Up and Grip...

Chris turned to one of the best PGA teachers in the county, former playing professional Andrew George, for help. Things began to look up and, being a diligent pupil, Chris always made bullet-point notes of the key lessons learned from Andrew. When, sometime later, these had been forgotten, Chris would turn to his notes, which eventually became tatty, torn and wet, and of little help.

He realised that what he needed was basic, simple, and easy to follow quick-reference lessons using artwork, illustrations and straightforward "all you really need to know" essentials, on a tough, waterproof material.

Andrew agreed and that was the beginning of InstructaCard™. Working with a graphic designer and a team of golf pros using proven PGA methodology, they developed their product, paying particular attention to quality, practical use and wide appeal to golfers of all ages and skill levels.

No complex theories, just basic, simple, easy to follow lessons, based on an understanding of cause and effect, and provided by the greatest teacher of all - the golf ball, whose flight patterns reveal all you need to know about your swing and what you must do to correct it.

Incorporating this into a uniquely simple mix of groundbreaking illustrations and bullet-point essentials, they came up with the first truly portable and weatherproof golf instruction aid for more consistent ball striking and a better scorecard.

The InstructaCard™ modular design means they are suitable for every level of golfer. With 30 detailed yet simple lessons, each on two sides of a single card, every aspect of the game is covered, from tee to green and more, which you can learn at your own pace.

InstructaCard™ modular lesson cards are slightly larger than a standard envelope and made from practically indestructible and waterproof PVC Plastic, built to last. They fit into the back pocket, can be attached to a golf bag or stored neatly in the purpose-made InstructaCard™ wallet (see below), ready whenever and wherever you need them.

The 30 existing cards cover the following topics (and more are apparently on the way):

  1. Etiquette and Basic rules
  2. Stroke Allowances Chart & Types of competition
  3. Course Management/Strategies & Mental Game
  4. Practice Routines
  5. Common Ball Flights (This is the core of the programme. You have the best teacher in the world with you at all times, namely, the golf ball. This card describes the nine most common ball flights from pull hook to push slice, and tells you how the way the ball flies is giving you feedback about your swing.)
InstructaCard No. 5 - Common Ball Flights: click here to buy it
InstructaCard No. 5 - Common Ball Flights: click here to buy it
  1. Straight
  2. InstructaCard No. 9 - The Slice: click here to buy it
  3. Draw
  4. Fade
  5. Slice (You won't be surprised to hear that this one's a best-seller. Here's a look at the fault, but for the cure, I'm afraid, you'll have to buy it! Only £0.99...)
  6. Push
  7. Push Slice
  8. Hook
  9. Pull
  10. Pull Hook
InstructaCard No. 14 - The Pull Hook: click here to buy it
InstructaCard No. 14 - The Pull Hook: click here to buy it
  1. Fat / Duff
  2. Thin
  3. The InstructaCard Wallet - free with a ten card purchase!
  4. Shank
  5. Plugged ball
  6. Pitching
  7. Chipping
  8. Putting
  9. Lob shot
  10. Uphill / Side Hill
  11. Sand / Bunkers
  12. Set-Up
  13. Club Selection and Distances
  14. Swing
  15. Pitch mark repair
  16. Glossary
  17. Getting distance

InstructaCards™ can be bought online by visiting www.instructacard.co.uk for £0.99 per card, but visit the website and look at the 'Special Offers' page, because there are some great deals to be had on multiple buys, including money off and free wallets to organise your card collection.

Simplicity and clarity of message is something all too often forgotten in most golf instruction these days, but InstructaCard™ has, in this golfer's opinion, got it just right. If - whether in desperation or inspiration - you've ever written a single key swing thought on the back of your hand before going out for a round, then you will understand and love these.

The product looks and feels good, it works and it's inexpensive. For the price of a box of good golf balls, you could get a whole new game - the perfect gift to yourself or a fellow player. And less time tied up in knots in front of the bathroom mirror.

Clive Carpenter
April 2008


The company is also looking for stockists and distributors in the UK and around the world (the cards can be translated if required for a specific market). For more details, please contact info@instructacard.co.uk.

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