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RocketBallz Poised For Takeoff
by John Steinbreder - February 6, 2012

As a rule, fairway metals are not the stars of the PGA Merchandise Show. Drivers usually play that role, and occasionally golf balls. But rules are meant to be broken, and that one certainly was in 2012, for fairways were the talk of last month’s golf industry gathering.

One of the hottest in that category is TaylorMade’s RocketBallz. It employs a deep sole slot for greater flex in the clubface at impact, to increase ball speed and ultimately shot length. Company engineers also positioned the Center of Gravity in that club low and slightly forward, again to enhance distance by promoting lower spin and higher launch. In addition, they utilize lighterweight shafts and grips in the standard version to bolster swing speed in another effort to make shots travel farther.

“The technology in our new RocketBallz fairways boosts clubface COR to a place we haven’t come close to before, promoting an immense increase in distance,” says Dr. Benoit Vincent, the equipment maker’s chief technical officer.

The RocketBallz 3-wood

In promotional literature, TaylorMade officials say that better players will gain up to 17 yards with the RocketBallz fairway, which boasts a white crown and black clubface. And to demonstrate that point on Demo Day during the show, they measured the average distance gain of 25 random golfers when they hit a series of shots with the RocketBallz 3-wood (15 degrees) after playing the same number with a comparable TaylorMade Burner 2.0 fairway. The result: a jump of 28.6 yards.

The standard RocketBallz fairway comes in five lofts for right-handers, from 3 (15 degrees) to 9 (24 degrees), and three for lefties. A tour version is available in fewer lofts and has a more compact head, a slightly smaller address profile, a more open face angle as well as a stock shaft that is heavier and somewhat stiffer.

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