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Tried & tested: The 2Thumb Rotate putter grip
by Carly Cummins
June 6, 2011

I spent a couple of hours on the putting green at the Senior Masters at Stapleford Park last week improving my stroke with the help of the new 2Thumb Rotate putter grip.

The 2Thumb Rotate putter grip The 2Thumb Light putter grip

The inventor, putting coach Phil Gazeley, showed me how the traditional 2Thumb grip squares your shoulders up perfectly so that it is incredibly easy to line putts up and make a simple straight-back, straight-through stroke.

The new 2Thumb Rotate is designed for golfers who want to hold the putter in the traditional manner (left hand lower than the right), but with the added benefit of the wider 2Thumb Rotate grip keeping the stroke more solid. The putter grip is designed to rotate 90 degrees so that the wide part rests in the palms and lifelines of your hands, helping you make a very solid, wrist-free stroke.

Not surprisingly, numerous Tour professionals around the world have switched to the 2Thumb in the last couple of weeks. As they're not paid to officially endorse the product Gazeley can't mention their names, but if you watched the Wales Open on TV from Celtic Manor over the weekend you would have noticed Johan Edfors putting superbly with a 2Thumb grip in his hands, and out on the Ladies European Tour second place finisher Holly Aitchinson transformed her stroke with the new 2Thumb grip in her hands.

At just £17.99 a grip they're a cheap investment that could absolutely transform your putting stroke! For more information or to buy a 2Thumb putter grip visit

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