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Champ Flix Lite- Do you repair your pitch marks correctly?
by Carly Cummins
March 20, 2012

All conscientious club golfers know that it is vital to repair any pitch marks they make on the greens as soon as they are made, but I am the first to admit that I've never really been shown how to do so properly. How many of you will simply dig around the impression left by the ball with a blunt tee in the hope that it fixes the job? I learned this week that this seemingly innocent action can often do more harm than good, taking upwards of three weeks and often longer, for the green to recover (see below for instructions on how to repair your pitch mark correctly). This makes using the right tool for the job vital if you are going to take the time, trouble and responsibility of some DIY repairs. Step in the Champ Golf FLIX Lite Divot Repair Tool, which, when used correctly, will have your greens as smooth as silk, and leaving no more nasty surprises for the group behind!

The innovative Flix Lite divot repair tool opens up automatically at the press of a button, and folds back neatly to prevent the two prongs from causing any unpleasant jabs in sensitive places when returned to the pocket. It also comes supplied with a useful Flix branded magnetically-attached ball marker, which can also feature corporate logos, club crests and company names for bulk orders. It comes in a choice of black, white, orange, lime green and pink. So say 'goodbye' to bumpy greens and 'hello' to holing more birdie putts with the Champ FLIX Divot Repair Tool.



  • Discard the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball.
  • Insert the pitchmark repairer tool just outside of the back of the pitchmark (i.e. the opposite end from the direction the ball landed).
  • Lever the turf towards the centre of the pitchmark and repeat this motion from all sides of the pitchmark.
  • Gently tap the repaired area with your putter. This stretches undamaged turf over the pitchmark, providing instant recovery.

DO NOT....

  • Replace the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball. It will die and delay the healing process.
  • Pry up the centre of the depression with the pitchmark repairer, as it exposes the soil and will delay the healing process.
  • Insert the pitchmark repairer and twist it. This only breaks more turf loose

The CHAMP FLIX, which is priced at £9.99 is available now at any local golf shop. Visit

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