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Tried & Tested: An unbreakable tee peg?
by Carly Frost
October 5, 2011

If you took the time to glance at my wedding pictures a few weeks ago you will have spotted my wonderful golf-themed decorations.

Along with logoed golf balls I had giant tee pegs filled with pink tees. So naturally all my guests took a handful home and I've been getting some very positive feedback.

The pink tees pictured are the CHAMP Zarma FLY tee. The company puts big claims behind the performance benefits - notably more distance and accuracy from the tee. Although my eager testers haven't reported any significant differences in those departments one thing nearly every one of them has noted is how easy the tees are to use and how rarely they snap! The six prong head design makes it easier to place the ball on the tee and keep it stable.

Plus the big attraction for me is the fact that the Zarma FLY tees are made from environmentally-friendly materials so if the top of the tee does snap off and get left behind it will biodegrade over time. Even the packs are recyclable - a big thumbs up for the eco-friendly players among us.

The CHAMP Zarma FLY tees come in two sizes, a 2¾" for your irons and fairway woods and 3 ¼" for your driver, priced at £3.99 a pack. For more information visit

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