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T&T: FIT39 golf glove
"A golf glove that offers the 'perfect' fit"
by Carly Cummins
November 13, 2012

Price: £12.95

They say: Fit39 is the number one selling golf glove brand 'FIT 39' and is now available in the UK.

The Fit 39 golf glove is unique as it has a patented cutting edge design. It's made from a multi-directional material that allows the glove to stretch in all directions, giving golfers an uncompromised close fit. In addition to this, the synthetic material is non-slip in all weather conditions, antibacterial and odour resistant. The glove has sold more than 2 million pieces in Japan alone. The Fit 39 Key Features are:

•  Multi-directional material giving you a close fitting glove with unmatched grip performance

•  All weather glove utilising quick drying breathable material

•  Available in bright colours and designs

•  Machine Washable so you can always look your best

•  Odour resistance and anti-bacterial material technology

•  No more sweaty smelly old gloves!

•  And you can even use it with your touchscreen smartphone!

I say: What a unique golf glove, I have never seen anything like this before. The range of styles and colourful patterns is amazing and really gives you a unique, stand-out factor on the first tee which I love. The first thing that struck me about the Fit39 golf glove was the packaging. It comes folded neatly into a really small box, not your traditional full glove on display. This doesn't seem to come at the detriment to the glove inside however which unfolds perfectly. The leather is a lot thicker than gloves I have worn before and has a special dimpled pattern that makes it really grippy. The thickness means it doesn't have that lovely soft feel but it does offer a very solid grip of the club, particularly in the rain, allowing me to keep hold when other gloves might not. I'm also very impressed that you can put the glove in a washing machine, this is certainly not something I have ever done with a golf glove before, and means that it will last a lot longer, so although the price tag is a fraction higher than most golf gloves it will work out cheaper in the long run. I think these gloves are perfect little stocking fillers!

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