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G-Rip- Get a grip!
by Carly Cummins
May 25, 2012

If you love a very soft and tacky feel to your golf grips then you'll love the brand new G-Rip grips I spotted on Tour this week. The appropriately named G-Rip A-Tac is from a new Rubber compound that feels very different to anything in the market right now. G-Rip has used a high-specification Japanese compound for the grip, which has a very tacky feel and works extremely well in all climates, particularly warm weather like we are experiencing at the moment when your hands might get sweaty and slip. That's because if the grips get wet, if dried with a towel the compound becomes even tackier, thus helping you keep scoring even when it's hot and sticky or pouring with rain!

The grip does have a semi waterproof surface so it does not accept water like a rubber grip. As long as the golfer can get the main surface water off the grip it is very playable. This gives the golfer the confidence to play the next shot because they will not loose grip on the club. The tacky surface also helps the golfer not to hold the grip too tight because it feels secure in the hands. They will lighten their grip allowing them to release the clubface and strike the ball much better.

They are available in six very vibrant colour choices. They also have some black lines across them, which although I'm told are just there for aesthetics, I personally found useful as a guideline for gripping down. If you get your hands to grip the club at the lowest line you'll play a shorter shot than gripping level with the top line.

It was also interesting to see how many Tour players were experimenting with the G-Rip flat fronted, one-piece Belly Putter. This clever design allows the hands to sit level (side by side) as opposed to left below right or vice versa. It levels the shoulders and allows a simple rocking action.
The G-Rip A-Tac grip retails for £6.50 and the G-Rip flat fronted grip costs £15. Visit for more information.

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