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T&T: The F2 wedge
by Carly Cummins
September 17, 2012

Lofts: 52, 56, 60 and 64 degrees (RH steel), 56 and 60 degrees (RH graphite), 52, 56 and 60 (LH steel.)
£79.99 steel, £99.99 graphite

They say: The F2 SS wedge differs from all other wedges on the market - F2 stands for Face Forward and points towards the unique design which sees the face move forward and the hosel back. Primarily this enables the ball to strike and leave the clubface before sand or grass can grab the hosel and twist the clubface, but also has the undoubted benefit of making the dreaded shank virtually impossible. In addition, opening up the club face becomes a lot easier when the hosel is taken out of play giving the confidence of producing a clean shot when extra loft is needed.

I say: To say that the F2 is an odd looking wedge is an understatement, it's big, it's fairly ugly-looking and it is cumbersome. But let's face it when it comes to the dreaded 'S' word - yes, that's right, the shank - most suffers would do anything to escape the infliction on their game. The F2 certainly does that. I'm fortunate to not suffer from the shanks, although I have been known to hit the odd one out of the blue, but my Dad on the other hand is a hardened shanker! Such is the extent of the dreaded shanks on his game that he has to use the claw grip to putt and pretty much uses a 5-iron like a putter everywhere else around the greens. So could the F2 offer him a serious solution? The answer is yes! This club really did perform miracles. Within a few shots his fear of using a wedge was gone and he was playing chips with a smile on his face. This wedge really did give him a new confidence that he'd lost years ago. He's still no master around the greens but he is now able to hold his head high and play chips like they should be played and has consigned his 5-iron to its rightful place in his bag. Trust me, if you have the shanks, you will want to try it.

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