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Trying to improve your swing?
by Carly Cummins
June 01, 2012

If you find a practice session at the driving range unproductive you may want to order one of these handy little training aids.

The iTrainerMini is a simple device which clamps on to the club shaft just below the grip and is able to accurately measure and analyse your swing characteristics whether you are swinging a driver, iron or putter.  And at just 15 grams, the lightweight and highly-portable iTrainerMini has negligible impact on the golf swing. By using state-of-the-art accelerometers and gyroscopes, the iTrainerMini gives a direct, accurate reading of how and where the club is moving and so provides golfers with instant data on multiple aspects of their swing.

Immediate feedback on Swing Plane and Tempo analysis from the iTrainerMini is sent via Bluetooth to the iConsoleII app on any Android device such as smartphones, watches and tablet computers. This information helps golfers improve their swing plane, control club head speed and correctly position the club face angle at impact and so immediately adapt and correct any imperfections in their swing.

The iConsoleII app, which can be downloaded from the Android market, displays video and digital capture of the golf swing in real time and features: 

Club Head Speed

Tempo Ratio of back and downswing speeds

Club Path and Face Angle at Impact graphics

Swing Plane graphics

Spin Rates

Vertical and Horizontal launch angles

Trajectory, Distance and Deviation estimation in numeric and graphic display

Benchmark to compare current swing against your ideal swing.

Statistics including , Average, Range and Trend data stored for improvement tracking

Working alongside the iTrainerMini and the original iTrainer is My Personal Golf Trainer which offers drills by internationally-respected coach, David Leadbetter, which can be viewed at The iTrainerMini, including the iConsoleII, is priced at £125 and available from

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