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Tried & Tested: LitePower Lithium Battery
by Carly Frost
August 15, 2013

Price: £199.99 (18 holes); £249.99 (36 holes)
They say: Previously golfers could only access a lithium battery by investing in a brand new trolley, however thanks to the small footprint and universal connection system offered by LitePower (works with 99% of all powered trolleys) more golfers than ever before can now enjoy the many benefits of lithium. Available in both 18 and 36-hole versions, the LitePower Lithium batteries have a lifetime five times longer than a standard Lead-acid battery and are both now available with a five-year limited warranty. At 2.5kg and 3.4kg in weight, the 18 and 36-hole batteries are also considerably lighter than the equivalent Lead-acid versions. The LitePower batteries are only a third of the size of the heavier Lead-acid option, despite featuring an advanced Battery Management System that optimises performance and life. Meanwhile, a specially developed charging unit allows you to charge the 18-hole in less than 4.5 hours and the 36-hole version in less than 5 hours.

I say: As a pregnant lady golfer I'm well aware of the dangers of lifting my heavy trolley and bag in and out of the car and the battery is one of the worst things to move. My old 36-hole battery is extremely heavy and I've been relying on friends to help me lift it. Then I came across LitePower, a company that offers a lithium battery, which is not only remarkably affordable, but works with nearly every electric trolley on the market - the perfect solution for me. The LitePower really is incredibly compact and light to lift. So light, in fact, I can pick it up by the handle of its clever carry case using one hand only! Even the 36-hole version, which I opted for, is neat and compact in size and easy to lift. Although £250 is quite an investment, when you consider that it lasts five times longer than a lead battery and comes with a five-year warranty that works out as just £50 a year, that's a very good investment if you ask me. I think that these batteries are a 'must-have' for lady golfers who are struggling unnecessarily with their current cumbersome batteries.

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