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Tried & tested: 'The little one' training aid
by Carly Frost
June 20, 2013

Price: £89.95
They say:
The Little One is golf's first club designed to help improve your ball striking, increase your distance, elevate your concentration and improve your confidence has been launched. It has the standard grip and shaft of a regulation sized 7 iron with a club head the size of a golf ball or the "sweet spot" of a 7 iron.

The reduced club head is slightly wider and higher than a golf ball so importance is placed on hitting the sweet spot each and every time. When practicing on the range or around the greens with a smaller pure target, the brain becomes more focused on the task at hand at a much higher level. Transitioning back to a standard club with a much larger sweet spot builds confidence, more consistency and better accuracy, resulting in lower scores.

Sean Foley prominent golf instructor to many of the game's biggest stars like Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose and Matt Kuchar to name but a few, is the lead endorser of The Little One and quotes "this is one of the best warm up clubs I have ever seen".

I say: When I first saw 'The Little One' I understood why it had been given the name, it really does have an incredibly small clubhead, that to be honest, looks impossible to hit. Needless to say I was pretty daunted lining it up behind the first golf ball on the practice range mat.

The initial 10 or so shots I hit were dreadful and indeed indicative of my inaccurate ball striking, but suddenly I found the middle, then again and again and before long I was striking shots away with confidence.

Using a training aid with a really small clubhead has one big advantage - when you return to using your own 7-iron it will look enormous and impossible to miss!

The only downside for ladies is that this training aid is currently only sold with a steel shaft, which I personally found a bit on the heavy side as I'm used to playing irons with graphite shafts. But if you are only using it for a few warm up swings on the range it's actually very good at slowing your swing move to help you groove a good tempo before you tee off.

My advice is to give it a go. Don't be put off by the look of 'The Little One' when you see if hanging up for sale in your professional's shop, it's not as daunting as it seems, even if you are a higher handicapper and using it will do your confidence with your irons a whole world of good, even if like me, you need to weather the bad strikes for a while until the good start to emerge.

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