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T&T: Skycaddie Breeze
"It really is a breeze to use!"
by Carly Cummins
December 05, 2012

Price: £229.95

They say: SkyCaddie's new Breeze offers fantastic value for golfers looking for a simple and affordable way to improve their game without compromising on quality and accuracy. The Breeze is your virtual sprinkler head; offering you front, middle and back of the green distances from anywhere on the course without touching a button or aiming. With over 98% of the UK's golf courses surveyed on foot (not to mention the extensive coverage in Europe, the Middle East and Africa) - and with hundreds re-surveyed each year as courses make changes - the doubt is removed, and golfers with a SkyCaddie Breeze can always be sure that their yardages are correct. The Breeze comes preloaded and is hands-free from the car park to the 18th green. Front, centre and back of green yardages are displayed in big, easy-to-read numbers on a large 3-inch, sunlight-readable display. Breeze features include: Auto Course (finds and loads a course automatically); Auto Hole Advance (advances to the next hole automatically); and Auto Distance (yardages update every second without aiming). Golfers can also measure any shot, knowing the exact distance they hit their clubs, while enjoying digital scoring at their choosing and much more. And with a simple turn of the wrist, golfers can view a jumbo screen with a huge number to the green or see their scorecard in landscape orientation.

I say: There are many devices on the market that are designed to help you judge distance accurately during a round of golf and I have to say the Breeze is the most easy I've ever used. For sheer, straight out of the box and onto the tee simplicity it really is unbeatable. I love the fact that you don't have to search for the course that you are playing - one click of a button and the Breeze automatically finds it. The Breeze even knows when you walk from one hole to the next and changes accordingly without a single button to touch. Up until now I've been using a rangefinder and was sceptical that the SkyCaddie could match it for pinpoint accuracy.

In fact I found the SkyCaddie much faster and easier to work with and very, very accurate. I tried the two devices out side-by-side and the SkyCaddie was spot-on. It's also a huge advantage to know the yardage to the front and back of the green as there are many occasions where going for the pin isn't the right option, and knowing what distance you have to carry a hazard or stay short of one is very important. There are loads and loads of clever features built into the SkyCaddie Breeze, most of them the average golfer will never use, but if you are an elite level player you will definitely benefit from upgrading your device to include HoleVue, IntelliGreen, RangeVue and PinPoint, as these advanced features are invaluable if you are going to play a course for the first time in giving you the advantage and upper hand over your playing partners. It's also a good idea to use the SkyCaddie to work out how far you hit your clubs (quite an eye-opener if you've never done this before!) The only downside, and I'm reluctant to say it because the Breeze really is so good, is that you have to pay an annual membership fee every year. SkyCaddie justify this cost by insisting that the fee goes towards their course-mapping service, which is the industry's most complete by far, ensuring that courses are updated regularly to take into account changes. Is it worth it? I think so.

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