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Tried & Tested: TheraPearl pain relief pack
by Carly Frost
July 23, 2014

Price: £7.99
Available from Boots stores

They say: New  TheraPearl  cold packs are an innovative, effective, hi-tech, easy to use and non-messy pain relief option that banishes forever the days of grabbing a bag of frozen peas to soothe aches or pains.  TheraPearl  utilises a proprietary innovation known as  Pearl  Technology, which comprises non-toxic, tiny ‘pearls' that are incorporated within a range of specially designed knee wraps, shin wraps, neck wraps, contour packs, back wraps and eye masks. These beautiful and dazzling, yet functional pearls are soft and pliable and remain so even when frozen. This allows the products to easily conform to any part of your body, applying cold exactly and evenly where it is required – with no melting ice or water. TheraPearl  products relate to Ice therapy - one of the most common recommendations by doctors for injury recovery and pain relief. Applying ice immediately after an injury or physical trauma (the sooner the better) constricts blood flow and slows bleeding/swelling. Ice therapy reduces pain & muscle spasm and decreases the metabolic rate of cells, which limits the risk of cell death after an injury and helps prevent long-term damage.

I say : We've all suffered a nasty golfing strain at one point or another after playing golf, and if you haven't lucky you! I for one have had a few injuries that have gone on to niggle me for weeks. So I think that this simple cold pack is a handy thing to have tucked inside your freezer for just in case you twist an ankle, strain a wrist hacking out of the rough or worse on the course. I tried it out on an old back muscle injury whilst watching the golf over the weekend and it was lovely and soothing. Yes you initially feel the chill of the icy temperature of the pack but it really does do wonders at numbing the pain. What I love about the pack is it really does mould to the shape of your skin and is very comfortable against the skin. The clever round pearl-like balls (they look a bit like frog spawn!) inside the pack allows for this flexibility. For less than a tenner this is a must-have in your freezer just in case you need it!

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