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YONEX introduces new EZone XP ladies line
by Carly Frost
November 08, 2013

Woods and irons that not only turn heads but are packed full of technology to make the game effortless...

The Japanese equipment giants have been hard at work in those high-tech R&D factories again and with the Far East the leaders in global ladies golf right now, it is no surprise to see some an extensive offering of ladies golf equipment filtering across the continents to Europe.

The R&D behind the Yonex EZone XP (standing for Extra Power) line focuses on hot faces, aerodynamic shaping and lighter weight - all of which should get you swinging the club faster without putting in any extra effort and that equals more distance. Yonex's Japanese scientists have also cleverly looked into the importance of getting the weight right in their new line of clubs (by working out the ideal balance between the weight in the grip, shaft and head) by identifying that although it is important for the overall club to be lighter for a lady golfer, there still needs to be significant weight in the clubhead for any increase in swing speed to translate to meaningful ball speed and distance gains. The club designers have actually increased the mass in all of the clubheads without raising the overall weight of the club by using a 20g plug of tungsten powder infused into the top of the shaft near the grip. This means that while the XP line if built for distance you still get fantastic feel, a rare combination.

Yonex has long been renowned for its expertise in graphite manufacture and as such it is no surprise that the new XP family of woods take advantage of this by featuring fancy shafts with clubheads made from a lightweight carbon composite that allows all the extra weight to be put in the shaft with that tungsten plug. This helps give the woods an easy, high launch and great impact sound when you strike your shots away.

If that all doesn't sound fancy enough, the real equipment connoisseurs will love the fact that the new XP woods have a clever 'Quick Adjust' hosel system that allows you (with the help of a handy screwdriver-like tool) to adjust the club into one of eight settings to fine-tune your ball flight. The clubs come with simple instructions that are pretty much fool-proof to follow and a simple chart to show you how the different adjustments will affect the ball flight.

The ladies EZone XP irons have a generous double undercut cavity that allows the clubface to be as thin as possible so that the face flexes on shots hit low, which equals a very powerful ball flight.

As for the looks of the new Yonex EZone XP line, they are certain to turn heads with the bold choice of red and black colouring.

XP Driver: £249
XP fairway wood: £179
XP hybrids: £149
XP irons: £649 (steel), £799 (graphite)
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