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No more chicken wing!
by Carly Cummins
February 27, 2013

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Let's face it, most of us ladies loathe our 'bingo wings' those horrible flaps on our arms. But aside from looking unflattering, in our golf swing the dreaded 'chicken wing' can seriously mess with your shots.

Fault: Poor understanding of the role of the wrists and forearms in the golf swing leads to the chicken wing style swing fault, which occurs as a result of the club being out of plane i.e. too steep on the downswing and then as a reaction the golfer tries to hold the club square on the throughswing, hence the left arm bends and the chicken wing appears. This movement really robs you of any sort of fluency through the ball.

Fix: Understanding wrist hinge and re-hinge is essential to creating speed and flow as we swing through impact. Most golfers get the wrong mixture of forearm rotation and hinge on either side of their swing. i.e. you need to hinge on the way back then re-hinge on the way through. So think about it like this... what the left arm and wrist do on the backswing the right arm and wrist should do on the throughswing.

To simplify your understanding of this movement split your hands apart on the grip and then take your normal address position, ensuring that you have good posture, tipping forward from the hips and slightly flexing the knees. Now separate your hands, keeping your left hand in its normal grip position and sliding the right hand down the grip a fraction to create a small gap between the hands. From here try to create an 'L' shape hinge on the way back with the left elbow pointing in front of you and then simply allow the club to freely swing through so that the right arm and wrist create a mirror image in the throughswing. This will give you a great sensation of freedom and also, for the first time, allow you to feel a 'whipping' sensation in the clubhead. Combine with this a rotation of the body and you will start to form a swing that has an efficient arc through the base.

You can hit balls doing this drill if you like, it is purely designed to teach you to hinge and then re-hinge. So remember, a hinge is like a hammer it works up and down, it doesn't bow from left to right. Once you have this sensation simply put your hands back into a good grip position and work this sensation smoothly into your full swing. A key sensation for your new move is to feel like the ball is starting slightly to the right of the target and drawing back into the centre with a little hook spin.


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