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Retailer backs GC2 ball flight monitor
June 16, 2011

One of the leading retail golf stores in the East Midlands has hailed the Foresight Sports GC2 ball-flight monitor after seeing a massive increase in club sales.

Derby-based Golfit, which has been trading for 10 years, has been using the GC2 for just three months and has already reaped the benefit of a product which has dominated the US market since its launch last year and is now recommended throughout Europe and the USA by Titleist, TaylorMade and Cleveland.

Golfit director Jim Collins said: "The GC2 has been very successful for us. We've had it for three months and it's had a massive effect on the business. We've gone heavily into custom-fitting this year - we offer a lot more of an in-depth fitting option - and we have seen a massive increase in iron sales.

"Ninety-nine per cent of these types of machine are simply not accurate. We were testing machines for a good six to eight months, including one product which had a price tag of, I believe, somewhere around the £20k mark. And it was no good at all for us, whereas the GC2 is absolutely ideal.

"We're three months down the line with the GC2 and it's not missed a shot. Previously when you were doing a fitting, the client would hit 10 shots and you'd be turning round to your customer and saying "I'm sorry we didn't read that shot". And almost inevitably that shot would be the best one and the one which would tell us the most information. But the GC2 gives me all the information I need and records every single shot with as much information as a machine can do."

Golfit uses the GC2 in its upstairs nets, connected to a projector, with a large plasma TV showing what's happening to customers browsing downstairs. Consequently, it's on the bottom line where Golfit has seen the major benefit.

"We were 100 per cent up on sales in February; 60 per cent of that would be custom-fits which has resulted in a good 40 per cent increase in iron sales. A lot of that is down to having the GC2," added Collins.

"Because we're not on a driving range we have to have something that looks very, very impressive and reads the shots very accurately.

"Without it sounding like a cliché, the GC2 is the only technology you should buy. We've tested some very highly-rated and expensive pieces of equipment and nothing compares with it. For anybody with a High Street store, like me, there's no point in considering anything else."

The Foresight Sports GC2 has revolutionised club-fitting and teaching Stateside because of its unique design, which offers unrivalled launch stats accuracy; unprecedented data speed; true portability - the unit weighs just 1.7kg and takes just 40 seconds to set up; up to an eight-hour battery life and a simple plug-and-play operation.

The system has been adopted by many of the world's leading club manufacturers including Titleist, Cleveland/Srixon, Cobra/Puma, PING and TaylorMade - and it's easy to see why.

The unique ultra-high-speed dual camera design of the GC2 records the most accurate ball flight statistics on the market today. It doesn't rely on any backward extrapolation to generate ball-flight data but, instead, directly measures ball flight and spin at club impact and launch, recording precise ball speed, spin (side, back and total), direction and launch angle, and calculates carry and total distance in a split-second, to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Richard Temple, Titleist Golf Clubs' product and fitting manager (EMEA), explained why his company is recommending using the revolutionary equipment.

He said: "We are recommending GC2 because of the quality of the numbers it puts out. Our US research and development team has worked very closely with Foresight Sports approving the system in terms of its performance, relating to launch angles, spin rate and ball speed.

"The feeling is it provides numbers consistent with our own launch monitors to the point where we feel this is the great option for accounts which are looking for an accurate launch monitor at a more reasonable cost. The team in the US is happy to put the Titleist name alongside it and we have done the same for Europe."

The fact that the GC2 has a price-point around 80 per cent cheaper than existing competitors with comparable data is not lost on the industry's leading professionals.

Titleist's Temple added: "GC2 came along with comparable results but is pitched at a much more affordable price. Our sales force in the USA now uses GC2 for its fitting days and we're going to provide it, not just to some of our sales force, for some tech reps and future Fitting Centres across Europe, but also to our FittingWorks accounts - of which we have about 800 across Europe - as their suggested launch monitor technology."

Connected to a PC, real-time ball flight and statistics are available immediately and the data can be recorded to a spreadsheet and emailed to a customer in an instant. There is even the ability to instantly deliver data, via Bluetooth, to an Android-based mobile or hand-held device.

The flexibility and test-proven accuracy of the GC2 also allows it to be upgraded to provide a simulator experience, whether with a simple net and PC or as a full-size, bespoke studio experience.

The Foresight Sports GC2 costs just £4,995 (+ vat). For further information call 0845 644 3870 or email

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