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Ernie Els to wear new I-Onics band
April 13, 2011

Three-time Major winner tunes in to the power of revolutionary wrist band

Ernie Els, three-time Major champion, will wear the revolutionary mega-power I-ONICS sports wrist band as he looks to increase his tally of more than 60 worldwide career tournament wins.

Many professional tour golfers around the world use the powers of reputable magnetic ion-releasing sports bracelets, with improved flexibility and strength among the key benefits to their swing.

Now Els, all-time leader of the European Tour career money list, will wear the world's most powerful version - the incredible new I-ONICS Power Sport Magnetic Health Band - during his hectic 2011 season schedule, in which he has already won the South African Open Championship for a fifth time.

Announcing his tie-in with I-ONICS, which produces bands specifically designed to help players' bodies perform to their maximum potential, Els,

said: "Throughout my career I've always been a firm believer in magnetic therapy products and I'm delighted to be working with I-ONICS, which is an exciting new brand."

In modern life, human bodies are overwhelmed with positive ions emitted from electronic devices like computers and mobile phones. These cause a significant imbalance in our bodies' natural ion levels.

The I-ONICS Power Sport Magnetic Health Band releases negative ions at the massive rate of 1,700 per second which instantly corrects this imbalance so your body becomes stronger, more flexible and less prone to stiffness.

Additional positive benefits include improved sleep, better body pH balance and increased blood flow, leading to a better quality of all-round life.

Simon Millington, CEO of Hong-Kong based I-ONICS International Ltd, believes any golfer will notice an improvement to their swing power and energy levels once they start wearing the I-ONICS band.

"Having such a high-profile golfer as Ernie wearing I-ONICS and on Tour as our Brand Ambassador is fantastic," he says.

"I-ONICS is more than twice as powerful as one of the leading sports bands which is used by several Tour championship winning golfers. Their 600-800 negative ions a second output is totally eclipsed by the 1,700 per second from I-ONICS.

"This gives any golfer playing at any level a fantastic natural opportunity to massively combat fatigue, improve concentration and keep a good round going for longer.

"Being able to maintain focus and performance over a long round of golf is something every golfer would love to do and I-ONICS dramatically increases that possibility in a perfectly natural and harmless way."

Worn on the wrist, the I-ONICS Power Sport Magnetic Health Band comes in a range of sizes and colours priced just £9.99, a small price to pay for something with such incredible health benefits.

I-ONICS sports bands are distributed worldwide and are available in the UK from Sports PLC and via their leading website .

Sports PLC, who also manufacture the renowned Forgan of St Andrews golf clubs, are so confident in I-ONICS that they're offering a full seven money-back guarantee for anyone who's not completely satisfied.

For more information about I-ONICS International Ltd visit

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