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Prazza ball finding system goes global
June 16, 2011

Prazza, the world's most reliable golf ball finding system, is going global after appointing key retail partners in America and Japan to sit alongside its European outlets.

Since launching last year, UK sales of the revolutionary Prazza Tracker handset and trackable micro-chipped Prazza Golf Balls have increased more than 300%.

Now golfers in Japan and the USA can experience the phenomenal Prazza RFID technology after renowned golf retail websites and chose to stock the products.

Announcing the international sales agreements, Netherlands-based Prazza president Jan de Waard: "We've been delighted by UK and European sales and now we have a firm footing in two of the largest golf markets in the world in the USA and Japan.

"Wherever we take the products, the reaction to Prazza is sensational. Golfers love our ball-finding technology - it's fast, reliable and helps make the game more enjoyable."

The hand-held Prazza Tracker handset, which is roughly the same size as a smart phone, uses Active Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to track the ball.

The micro-chip in the Prazza Golf Ball is activated when the golfer hits a shot and the handset bleeps, or vibrates in Mute mode, with increasing frequency as the golfer approaches the ball, with a visual 'arrow' display to point the golfer in the right direction.

The Prazza Tracker handset can locate the ball from up to 100 metres away (110 yards), in the thickest of golf course rough and even in water up to a depth of eight inches!

Visitors to the company's website can see a 'real time' demonstration of Prazza in action, showing a golfer hitting his ball into thick woods and retrieving it using the handset in an un-cut video clip. The video is also on YouTube.

New prices have also just been announced for UK golfers interested in experiencing the unique Prazza ball-finding technology: £210 for Prazza Golf Ball Finder set, which features a Prazza Tracker handset and two Prazza Golf Balls and £39.95 for a sleeve of three microchipped Prazza Golf Balls.

For more information, including the latest stockist details, see .

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