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PutterCups making an immediate impact
June 10, 2011

Since launch at the PGA Show in Orlando earlier this year, PutterCups have been receiving rave reviews from golfers and coaches alike and received immediate success following their European Tour launch at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth.

Commentator Ken Brown, short game expert and inventor of his own putting aids was introduced to PutterCups at Wentworth and loved the simplicity of the product, exclaiming, "You're onto a winner here - this is a great little product".

Over 20 Tour Pro's tried out PutterCups at Wentworth and the performance benefits were seen in particular by four players who took their new found confidence and concentration onto the Wales Open, filling four of the top five spots.

Joint runners-up Gregory Bourdy and Anders Hansen and fourth placed Pablo Larazzabal, (who can be seen practicing alongside other Pro's on the PutterCups YouTube Channel) and Argentine Ricardo Gonzalez all reaped the rewards of some focussed putting practice, after literally hours combined practice with this great new product.

"A simple and light new gadget that promises to transform your putting practice sessions."

A simple plastic design, PutterCups fits neatly into the hole and provides four different targets, all increasingly narrower than the hole and perfect for a normal practice session or to prepare yourself prior to a round (if you become used to a smaller target, the hole will seem bigger out on the course).

The Putter Cup principle is "One target, four levels, how difficult, you decide", and PutterCups have been designed to provide four simple steps to great putting performances.

Improved Concentration

Constant practice to a standard sized hole results in lapses in concentration that ultimately can affect concentration on the course. Practicing to any of PutterCup's four levels aids concentration and creates many new levels of challenge for your putting practice.

Building Confidence

There's little to be gained from missing putts to a standard sized hole in practice. Whilst you may miss the odd putt when practicing with PutterCups, you know the challenge is tougher and the putts you make are more accurate therefore building your putting confidence.

Varying Practice

Putt holed, putt missed; the standard putting practice routine. Putter Cups give you a simple solution to the potential boredom of putting practice. Set the challenge level, set the distance and set your record. Every time you practice with PutterCups you have targets to take on and beat.

Simulate Pressure

This putt to win The Open. We've all done it, but in truth, if it was, the hole would look at least half the size. Well, now it does thanks to PutterCups and that putt you make in practice is a whole lot closer to the pressure you will face when that putt on the 18th really does mean something.

Light to carry and easy to use, Paul Lawrie even got hold of a PutterCup just prior to his first win since 2002, at the recent Andalucian Open.

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