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Raa Putters: No spin no hype
May 24, 2011

Raa putters represent an exciting technological breakthrough in putter design for golfers. Better than any other putter on the market, the Raa One is a mallet-style golf putter made of marine grade 5083 aluminium featuring setting aid, three point alignment and chordial groove technologies.

Face-balanced, the Raa enables golfers to benefit from a combination of innovative features that guarantee correct set-up and optimum ball-to-putter contact which leads to improved distance control and the elimination of side spin - something that can ruin even the best golfer's game.

Vertext Roll Test analysis has proven that Raa putters achieve forward roll faster than any of the well known market leading putters that are currently popular with today's professional and amateur golf enthusiasts.

The basic concept of Raa is based on engineering intelligence of form and function. Whereas other putters send the ball up into the air and off centre, the Raa is fully face balanced and dead square to ensure as much of the central mass as possible is behind the ball at point of impact. No other putter rotates the ball as fast.


Four-angled sole to set the putter square guaranteeing best possible set up

Face balanced

Anti-stub to ensure a smooth stroke

Chordial groove technology coupled with zero degrees loft angle results in maximim ball-to-putter contact which leads to improved distance control and the elimation of side spin

Chordial grooves cover an area of 40mm and allow a 15mm error either side of the putter head 'sweet spot'

Lie angle is set at 19 degress with a set up allowance of plus and minus four degrees

Inclusion of a line down the centre enabling golf ball and putter to be lined up

Five different shapes, two different lengths

True temper USTP shaft lengths from 30" to 36"

17 different anodised aluminium colour options

Putter can be personalised with golfer's initals

Raa is a totally new an innovative range of golf putters designed by golf enthusiast and professional engineer Roy Ainscough and manufactured in the UK .

Tested and endorsed by Breanne Loucks , a professional golfer on the Ladies European Tour, the Raa putter is set to revolutionise the way the game is played by golfers of all ages, levels and abilities. For more information and to watch a demonstration of the Raa putter, simply visit the website .

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