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In conjunction with Eagle Eye Rentals

In conjunction with Eagle Eye Rentals
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Eagleye Rentals offers specialist golf service

Golf Courses are always being developed around the world and today’s figures suggest that 70% are tied to real estate developments, much more than ever before (according to Golf Inc. Magazine).

Big names in the golfing world are putting their names to golf resorts: Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Nick Faldo to name just a few and of course there is the much awaited first Tiger Woods designed course in Dubai, part of a $7.5 billion residential and entertainment complex.

Golf resorts aren’t just about golf. Many of the resorts, as well as building villas and apartments, are also building hotels, luxury spas, tennis academies, restaurants, bars, shops and even equestrian centers. This makes it appealing to the non golfer and families.

Sue Foyle, founder of Eagleye Rentals saw that with this growth in properties on golf courses, there would be a need for a place for the property owners to market their villa or apartment direct to the golfing world. A lot or research was undertaken and Eagleye Rentals was launched with just 12 properties last October. They currently have over 200 properties on golf courses around the world for golfers to book direct with the owner and this list is growing daily.

Where Eagleye is different from some other holiday rental websites is that they specialize purely in golf resorts and only list properties that are on the resort or course itself. There are a few exceptions, for instance the older courses that are not ‘resorts’ as such e.g. St Andrews, then Eagleye has a strict policy that it must be within a short walk of the golf course. Many of the golf property owners have bought into the resorts green fee package and are able to pass the discounts onto the golfer staying in their property and some can help with booking tee times.

Eagleye’s aim is to offer golfers an alternative way of booking a golf holiday. With the growth of the internet many people are choosing to organize their holiday or break themselves rather than use a tour operator. Whilst Eagleye appreciates there will always be a need for a golf specialist tour operator, it will be nice for the independent golfer to have a choice of whether to go down that route or organize their golf holiday themselves.

For more information about Eagleye Rentals please visit their website www.eagleyerentals.com

Eagleye will also be exhibiting at the London Golf Show from April 25-27.

April 2, 2008


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