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Dial in Your Wedges
Sergio Garcia

I've found that on chips and pitches, I can increase my feel by progressively gripping down the closer I get to the hole. It's something I picked up watching Seve, who will sometimes go all the way down to the steel.

The principle is simple. The shorter the club, the easier it is to control. But getting the right feel for this system requires some practice, because gripping down makes the club feel that much lighter.

The more I grip down, the closer to the ball I have to stand, which also makes me feel more in control. I even narrow my stance as the shots get shorter. This whole process of closing in on the ball increases my sensitivity for the shot.

Gripping down and adjusting my stance also lets me expand my toolbox of shots.

For example, if the hole is cut close and my mind's eye sees a low-flying shot that checks up quickly, rather than a standard chip, I can choke down on a lob-wedge, play the ball back and pinch it off the turf. The result will be a low shot with extra bite.

Try adjusting your set-up and playing new shots.

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