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I am not a player who thinks too much about hingeing or setting the wrists too early in the backswing.

Being relatively short, I believe I am much better off creating width with a good upper-body turn away from the target, and by extending my left arm and left shoulder to really stretch and turn behind the ball, ready to unwind into it.

This drill really helps me place the back of my right hand behind my left elbow and then pull myself into this coiled-up position, the left arm comfortably straight when fairly deep into the backswing.

When I repeat that a few times and then go back to hitting shots, I am reminded of the benefits of creating and maintaining width.

Try it, and I think you will find that it helps your swing, too.

Trevor Immelman

A great deal of my time on the practice tee is spent working on one aspect of my swing that I believe is the secret to enjoying the freedom to strike the ball correctly.













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