Algarve attracts record visitor numbers

<div class="news_article"><p>The Algarve, Europe's leading golf destination, has smashed its all-time high for golf visitor numbers and has topped a new chart as the cheapest holiday location for UK tourists. </p><p>The sun-drenched southern Portuguese coastline boasts 42 superb courses which together clocked up almost 1.2m rounds in 2015 - a significant rise of seven per cent on the previous best year (2007) and almost eight per cent higher than 2014. </p><p>In real terms, that is more than 100,000 extra rounds - or 274 more per day - as golfers flocked to a destination which also came out on top in the recent Post Office Holiday Money Report - a barometer of value for money in worldwide holiday destinations. </p><p>Prices for meals - one of the biggest costs for tourists - do not come any cheaper than along the Algarve coastline, which can make a huge difference to travellers as they plan their budgets. In the report, eight holiday essentials including food, drink and sun cream, were purchased at 44 destinations and The Algarve came out on top of the pile as the best value overall. </p><p>It ties in with the impressive golf visitor numbers from 2015 and an exceptional final quarter - which saw growth jump 15 per cent on 2007 levels - as golfers took advantage of the warm and sunny climate. October was the busiest month as almost 152,000 rounds were played but The Algarve remains a popular choice for UK golfers throughout the year with short and inexpensive flight connections and great value for money, particularly with the strong Sterling against the Euro. </p><p>The picturesque region will also be celebrating its 50th anniversary as a golf destination in 2016 as it continues to lead the way in attracting golfers who want to play on the top-quality courses with friendly, golf-savvy service. </p><p>Maria Manuel Delgado e Silva, ATA golf product manager, said: &quot;We are proud and delighted that so many people enjoyed the Algarve experience in 2015 and we are hoping many more will choose to visit us again in 2016. </p><p>&quot;We strive to provide the very best in hospitality, accommodation and golf venues with great value and quality. Our guests can also benefit from our 50 years of experience.&quot;. </p></div>