Matthew keeping it simple

All-star backroom team could make a big difference

Catriona Matthew believes her all-star backroom team could make a big difference at The Solheim Cup.

Matthew keeping it simple at Gleneagles
(From left to right) Team Europe assistant captain Melissa Reid, Team Europe assistant captain Kathryn Imrie, Team Europe captain Catriona Matthew and Team Europe assistant captain Laura Davies. Credit: Ian Rutherford/PA Wire

The European skipper has Dame Laura Davies, Kathryn Imrie and Mel Reid by her side at Gleneagles, meaning there is no shortage of experience as the hosts seek to regain the trophy for the first time since 2013.

Matthew knows the pressure will be ramped up to max this weekend so a carefully planned schedule of quiz nights, motivational videos and team dinners are keeping things relaxed at Gleneagles.

Davies, the leading points scorer in Solheim Cup history, believes Europe couldn’t have a better captain when it comes to keeping cool in the white heat of competition.

“She brings a calmness to the team but she’s a fierce competitor, make no mistake about that,” she said.

“She wants to win this more than any of us. She’s put a lot into this the last two years. She never shows anything, she just cruises along. 

“It’s very important we win it, but not for any other reason than we want to win and we don’t want the Americans to do their three-peat, which they keep going on about.

“I think we’re a good bet because I think our squad, as Beany said, is really strong.

“The American team is incredibly good too but on home soil, it evens out a bit. I think we’ve got the right players that can step up and do the job under the most extreme pressure. I think we’ve got a great chance.”

After all the planning and preparation Matthew is finally happy to get playing as she starts to weigh her options for Friday’s opening matches.

She might be keeping those pairings closely guarded but her overall tactic appears to be keeping things simple and trying to play with a smile.

“There’s a great feeling in the squad, we’ve got a great team and a real mix of personalities,” she said

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“Maybe I’m oversimplifying this but we’re really just here to keep them happy, keep them loose.

“Our job is really to give the players support, try and help them as much as we can with our experience.

“Once Friday comes it’s stressful enough. You can tell someone who has never been on that first tee what it’s like. But really until you get there and experience it for yourself, you don’t know how you’re going to react.

“They’re all good players and they’ve played in big events. I’m sure they’ll cope with it. If you don’t enjoy this you’re doing the wrong thing.

“Once they’re on the golf course there’s really not much we can do. We are just cheerleaders on the side hoping they hole the putts.”

Matthew and fellow Scot Imrie prepared for the days ahead by getting their nails done together while Reid believes the captain’s decorated career gives her an instant aura in the eyes of her team.

“Every single player in their respects Beany, not just for what she’s done in her career but what she’s done in Solheim Cups,” she said. “We all want to win but Catriona really wants to win.

“I just think it’s a great dynamic on the team all around from a support staff, from the helpers, everything. The dynamic in the team room is a little bit different this year. You’ve got to give credit to Catriona for that, and she’s doing a really, really good job.”

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