Yao Ming & Gary Player contrast at Pro-Am

As a basketballer with Hall of Fame credentials, Yao Ming knows a little bit about playing the hi-lo game.

But on the golf course? Not bad there, either. That's 7-foot-6 Yao on the right, and it doesn't take any Photoshop trickery or perspective-altering to throw into sharp relief 5-foot-6 golf legend Gary Player on the left.

The mismatched twosome were among the star attractions at this weekend's Mission Hills Celebrity Pro-Am in Shenzen, China, a group that included Natalie Gulbis, who posted the video of Yao's form in the player above.

The swing might need a bit of refinement, but Yao's going to dominate almost anyone in the altitude department - leave it to Player to give himself a little boost. Make that a big boost.