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Alfred Dunhill Championship R4
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December 11, 2023
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Louis Oosthuizen completed his round on Monday carding a 69 for an 18-under total to win his tenth DP World Tour title at the Alfred Dunhill Championship.

"This is one of the tournaments that I've always wanted to win," said Oosthuizen.

"It took me a while. It's always a great place coming back to. I wouldn't say 18 was kind to me this time, but I managed it a little bit, maybe not on the last hole there but I got it through.

"I feel very calm now. Rupes put a text this morning that said whoever plays 18 thinking the best is going to win. I just got on that tee shot and wanted to hit a seven wood but with all the rain it felt like it was so wet while we were standing I thought I'm just going to hit my driver down the left and obviously made a bad swing.

"The golf course was unbelievable. I can't believe we got a fourth round in with everything we got. It's such a great place to come to, and this is a tournament that I really really wanted.

"I had a good run there through 13 to 15 and I'm glad to see Charl with all the things he was going through with his shoulder with injuries that he's playing well and I just got lucky on this one."

Charl Schwartzel finished second at 16-under after carding a 71.

Christiaan Bezuidenhout carded a 68 to complete the South African top-3 at 14-under.

England's Marco Penge closed with a 71 for a share of fourth place at 10-under alongside Germany's Matti Schmid (70) and the Netherlands' Darius van Driel (67).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3R4Total
1OOSTHUIZEN, Louis-1870686369270
2SCHWARTZEL, Charl-1668686571272
3BEZUIDENHOUT, Christiaan-1468706868274
4PENGE, Marco-1069667271278
SCHMID, Matti-1072696770278
VAN DRIEL, Darius-1070726967278
7SULLIVAN, Andy-968696973279
SCHAPER, Jayden-966727071279
JARVIS, Casey-967677471279
DEL REY, Alejandro-972716670279
11WARING, Paul-868687470280
SCHWAB, Matthias-870717069280
LAWRENCE, Thriston-873697068280
14PAVAN, Andrea-770707071281
15NAIDOO, Dylan-670717071282
COUSSAUD, Ugo-668746971282
ROZNER, Antoine-671717070282
BALDWIN, Matthew-674687070282
COCKERILL, Aaron-669727170282
20WU, Ashun-568706976283
WILLIAMS, Robin-565717275283
PARATORE, Renato-569707173283
MOLINARI, Edoardo-570737268283
FRITTELLI, Dylan-572717169283
25LOMBARD, Zander-473707665284
MAAS, Christiaan (AM)-467736975284
FILIPPI, Luca-468707175284
RITCHIE, JC-473677074284
ENEFER, Will-472716873284
VAN ZYL, Jaco-468747270284
JONES, Samuel-467757072284
32BARKER, Kyle-370678068285
JOHANNESSEN, Kristian Krogh-370726776285
BAIRSTOW, Sam-371667276285
NIENABER, Wilco-372707469285
VAN ROOYEN, Erik-368707275285
LEVY, Alexander-371727171285
ELVIRA, Manuel-366717573285
39VEERMAN, Johannes-270716778286
DONALDSON, Jamie-271707570286
SCHIETEKAT, Neil-272697471286
LAGERGREN, Joakim-268717572286
AIKEN, Thomas-271727073286
44BURMESTER, Dean-169737570287
WHITNELL, Dale-171697176287
PRINSLOO, Jaco-167767074287
LAMPRECHT, Christo (AM)-167697675287
48DINGLE, WynandPar70687080288
LAPORTA, FrancescoPar70717572288
JAMIESON, ScottPar67767174288
SADDIER, AdrienPar68757075288
KOFSTAD, EspenPar69727176288
BESARD, MatthisPar70717176288
DAVIDSE, KeenanPar73667376288
MICHAEL, AnthonyPar71727075288
56BERRY, Joshua+170737472289
MOOLMAN, Pieter+170726879289
LORENZO-VERA, Mike+174697373289
MORRISON, James+169737275289
60HUGO, Jean+372717276291
61MITCHELL, Malcolm+669728172294
JOHNSTON, Andrew+669727875294
HANNA, Chase+672717576294
64RAMA, Nikhil+771717479295
65MCGUIGAN, Doug+873707875296
RETDVAN TONDER, Daniel+1727173--
RETDDE JAGER, LouisPar706976--
RETDFICHARDT, Darren+2697376--
DISQWINTHER, Jeff+1746875--
DISQKJELDSEN, Søren+2717174--
71McGOWAN, RossPar6975--144
ROTTLUFF, MaximilianPar7569--144
PREMLALL, YuravPar7272--144
DU PLESSIS, HenniePar7074--144
75REBULA, Jovan+17471--145
LAW, David+17273--145
SVENSSON, Jesper+16976--145
BRUINERS, Heinrich+17570--145
SCALISE, Lorenzo+17174--145
HIDALGO, Angel+17075--145
BENNETT, Daniel (AM)+17570--145
MACKENZIE, Conner+17372--145
83CONRADIE, Ruan+27373--146
WEARS-TAYLOR, Stefan+26977--146
TARRIO, Santiago+27274--146
GARCIA, Sebastian+27076--146
BLAAUW, Jacques+26977--146
MOSTERT, Dylan+27571--146
KARLSSON, Anton+27274--146
BRADBURY, Dan+27472--146
MANASSERO, Matteo+27076--146
GERMISHUYS, Deon+27373--146
GRACE, Branden+27670--146
94ROETS, Jason+36879--147
RUSCH, Benjamin+37374--147
KNAPPE, Alexander+37374--147
SOUTHGATE, Matthew+37671--147
BEKKER, Oliver+37374--147
STONE, Brandon+37770--147
FISHER, Ross+37572--147
VAILLANT, Tom+37374--147
VAN VELZEN, Ryan+37473--147
SCHOTT, Freddy+37473--147
ROHWER, Martin+37374--147
FRIEDRICHSEN, Sebastian+37374--147
106GRADECKI, Mateusz+47276--148
THOMAS, Keagan+47177--148
VORSTER, Martin+47375--148
BACHEM, Nick+47969--148
DE VILLIERS, Jacques P+47276--148
CANTERO, Ivan+47375--148
CHINHOI, Robson+47474--148
SORDET, Clément+47375--148
HANSEN, Joachim B+47672--148
FOLLETT-SMITH, Benjamin+47573--148
116ALBERTSE, Louis+57277--149
STRYDOM, Tristen+57673--149
NORRIS, Shaun+57178--149
MIGLIOZZI, Guido+57574--149
GREEN, Gavin+57574--149
BREMNER, Merrick+57871--149
ROWE, Lyle+57574--149
STRYDOM, Ockie+57178--149
CELLI, Filippo+57178--149
125BLOMME, Adam+67377--150
DAVIDSON, Jack+67179--150
EPSON, Hunter+67674--150
KARMIS, Peter+67674--150
GIRRBACH, Joel+67476--150
SITHEBE, Slenda+67674--150
131VAN DER SPUY, Rourke+77774--151
KAMINSKI, Rupert+77873--151
O'KENNEDY, Hennie+77477--151
NETHUNZWI, Musiwalo+77972--151
KO, Jeong weon+77378--151
136VILJOEN, MJ+87775--152
137MANLEY, Stuart+97974--153
KORB, Ruan+97875--153
RAVETTO, David+97875--153
140FISHER JNR, Trevor+107975--154
VENTER, Albert+107876--154
AXELSEN, John+107975--154
BROOMHEAD, Jonathan+107777--154
SENEKAL, JJ+108074--154
OTTO, Hennie+107975--154
146WILSNACH, Quintin+117580--155
147JACOBS, Wade+137681--157
THIMBA JNR, Toto+137978--157
SMIT, Combrinck+137681--157
150SANDYS, Omar+147880--158
151SIMON, Thabang+158178--159
152KELAPILE, Alphius+168377--160
153PEPLER, Gerhard+178378--161
154HESS, Jacquin+218184--165
155MAZIBUKO, Makhetha+258584--169
W/DFERGUSON, Ewen+678---78
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