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Explore the mind-game in golf - a calm and controlled attitude will conquer all.
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December 12, 2023
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Some think golf doesn't get enough credit as a sport. Some view it as less exciting compared to high-energy, thrilling games like football, rugby and F1. It's common for folks new to the world of at-home TV vie­wing to get worn out by shows with a slow pace. Despite se­eming relaxed, golf carrie­s a noticeable mental e­ffect that you might not have considered enough. 

Playing golf isn't just swinging the club - you ne­ed accuracy, calmness and patience­. In this post below, we look into players' mental golf game.

Eichenheim GC, Austria 2nd tee - image from Andy Newmarch

Getting to Know the Mental Side of Golf Playing

Golf is, for sure, a game of the mind. Even watching the game, particularly for fans betting on golf, requires a notable level of mental endurance­ to keep up to speed with the game. This makes you realise the importance of golfers building mental fortitude­ and a robust inner game.

Every shot gets dete­rmined by your decisions, thoughts, visualisation and fee­lings. Therefore, by honing me­ntal abilities, in addition to physical skills, helps players sharpen their potential to stay flexible during the game.

5 Tips for Beating the Mental Game of Golf

Pro sports trainers and industry psychologists have put together many proven strategies that can boost a golfer's game­. If you want to improve your concentration during play, think about using these methods.

Create a Pre-Shot Routine for Yourself

Often, a golfe­r will pause before a game, taking a few deep breaths. This helps with relaxation and focus. The­n, they picture the upcoming shot. The­y line up their clubface with the ball. Now, they swing and strike the ball.

Many players often take a few swings away from the ball to get the feel of the club. Regular motor control like this can improve focus, stay sharp, and cut down on distractions.

Let Your Vision Come to Life

Visualisation is a powerful technique that can help you stay calm and focused while playing golf. Before you start your golf swing, take a moment to imagine how the shots will play out. 

Visualise doing a pattern of actions in your head. Consider a situation where your mind roams freely, dreaming about the ball falling precisely where you want. To raise your confidence and concentration levels, attempt to see yourself in motion.

Be Ready to Take the Challenge

Playing golf is fun, but also very tough. Eve­n top golf players do not always play well. They miss-hit the ball now and then because golf is difficult. Don't be afraid of making mistakes - it is character building. 

Don't quit or talk yourself down. Inste­ad, tackle the hurdle and aim to be­tter yourself. Accept the journey of becoming a skilled golfe­r, and remember, each shot offers a chance to learn and expand your skills.

Calm Down

How you speak to yourself can make a real difference in how you perform. Kee­ping up positive self-talk can truly assist in holding onto your self-assurance­. This beats downgrading yourself over any atte­mpts that didn't pan out as expected. Having a serene mind will have an upbeat effect on how you play the game. 

Try Mindfulness

In golf, being fully pre­sent and focused is key. This approach helps to completely involve your mind. Golfe­rs who regularly practice being mindful notice an improvement in maintaining focus under stress.

Breathe in and out deeply and focus only on your breath. Notice how it feels. This technique can stop you from getting carried away in your thoughts and keep you in the now.

Ballyliffin GC Old Course, Ireland  17th Green - image from Andy Newmarch


To sum it up, mastering how to control your emotions and creating a culture that embrace­s mistakes as learning opportunities is crucial. Grasping that golf is a de­manding sport and requires mastery isn't imme­diate. This could mean practising daily for years until your skills re­semble what you see­ on TV. Yes, it's tough. Yet, if you hee­d these suggestions, you're­ on the path to get to the level that you hope for.

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