Aoshima G.C.

Aoshima G.C. Oriuzako, Miyazaki-shi Miyazaki 889-2164

Aoshima Public Golf Center

Aoshima Public Golf Center 4979-58, Matsuzaki, Tayoshi, Miyazaki-shi Miyazaki 880-0911

Hibiscus G.C.

Hibiscus G.C. 21085-1, Shimotajima Sadowara-cho, Miyazaki-gun Miyazaki 880-0211

Hitotsuse River Sport-Recreation Center

Hitotsuse River Sport-Recreation Center Nyuta, Shintomi-cho, Koyu-gun Miyazaki 889-1406

Ikoma Kogen Miyazaki Kobayashi G.C.

Ikoma Kogen Miyazaki Kobayashi G.C. 1131, Minaminishikata Kobayashi-shi Miyazaki 886-0005

Kamenoko C.C.

Kamenoko C.C. Sammyo, Kunitomi-cho Higashimorokata-gun Miyazaki 880-1114

Kitago Phoenix C.C.

Kitago Phoenix C.C. Gonohara Kitago-cho, Minami-naka-gun Miyazaki 889-2402

Kitakata G.C.

Kitakata G.C. 1566, Tora, Kitakata-cho Higashiusuki-gun Miyazaki 882-0106

Mimitsu C.C.

Mimitsu C.C. 417-94, Yamagekou, Togo-cho Higashiusuki-gun Miyazaki 889-1121

Miyakonojo Mochio C.C.

Miyakonojo Mochio C.C. 6328, Sekinoocho Miyakonojo-shi Miyazaki 885-0113

Miyazaki C.C.

Miyazaki C.C. 4855-90, Matsuzaki Tayoshi, Miyazaki-shi Miyazaki 880-0911

Miyazaki G.C.

Miyazaki G.C. 3163, Sammyo, Kunitomi-cho Higashimorokata-gun Miyazaki 880-1114

Miyazaki Hyuga G.C.

Miyazaki Hyuga G.C. Iorigawa, Kadogawa-cho Higashiusuki-gun Miyazaki 889-0602

Miyazaki Kokusai G.C.

Miyazaki Kokusai G.C. 6634-1, Shimotajima Sadowara-cho, Miyazaki-gun Miyazaki 880-0211

Miyazaki Kokusai Kuko C.C.

Miyazaki Kokusai Kuko C.C. 5030-2, Otsu Tano-cho, Miyazaki-gun Miyazaki 889-1702

Miyazaki Lakeside G.C.

Miyazaki Lakeside G.C. 1331-1, Imaizumi Kiyotake-cho, Miyazaki-gun Miyazaki 889-1602

Miyazaki Sunshine C.C.

Miyazaki Sunshine C.C. 11670, Higashikaminaka Sadowara-cho, Miyazaki-gun Miyazaki 880-030

Miyazaki Zaronbai G.C.

Miyazaki Zaronbai G.C. 17605, Nyuta Shintomi-cho, Koyu-gun Miyazaki 889-1406

New Aiwa Ooyodo G.C.

New Aiwa Ooyodo G.C. Nagamine, Miyazaki-shi Miyazaki 880-2115

Nobeoka G.C.

Nobeoka G.C. 1161, Urashiromachi Nobeoka-shi Miyazaki 882-0095

Ooyodogawa Golf Course

Ooyodogawa Golf Course 385-2, Atoe, Miyazaki-shi Miyazaki 880-2101

Phoenix C.C.

Phoenix C.C. Hamayama, Yamasaki-Cho Miyazaki City Miyazaki 880-8545

Tom Watson Golf Course

Tom Watson Golf Course 3083 Hamayama Shioji, Miyazaki-shi Miyazaki 880-0122

Phoenix Kogen C.C.

Phoenix Kogen C.C. Nitannohara, Takaoka-cho Higashimorokata-gun Miyazaki 880-2200

Rainbow Sportsland G.C.

Rainbow Sportsland G.C. 4474, Ishiyama, Takajo-cho Kitamorokata-gun Miyazaki 885-1205

Regent Miyazaki C.C.

Regent Miyazaki C.C. 4423-4, Nakagirishima Yamada-cho, Kitamorokata-gun Miyazaki 889-4602


UMK C.C. 2055, Sakanoshita Niinazume, Miyazaki-shi Miyazaki 880-0124

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