Akabane G.C.

Akabane G.C. 2-18-7 Ukima, Kita-ku Tokyo 115-0051

Fuchu C.C.

Fuchu C.C. 1-41-1 Nakazawa, Tama-shi Tokyo 206-0036

GMG Hachioji G.C.

GMG Hachioji G.C. 3515, Kawaguchi-cho Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 193-0801

Hachioji C.C.

Hachioji C.C. 2352 Kawaguchi-machi Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 193-0801

Koganei C.C.

Koganei C.C. 331 Miyuki-cho, Kodaira-shi Tokyo 187-0012

Musashino G.C.

Musashino G.C. 656 Miyashita-machi Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0005

Ome G.C.

Ome G.C. 1-490 Nekabu, Ome-shi Tokyo 198-0004

Oshima G.C.

Oshima G.C. 26. Okada-Ohkubo Oshima-machi, Tokyo 100-0102

Sakuragaoka C.C.

Sakuragaoka C.C. 2985 Renkouji, Tama-shi Tokyo 206-0021

Showanomori G.C.

Showanomori G.C. 1-1-7 Tsutsujigaoka Akishima-shi, Tokyo 196-0012

Sobu C.C.

Sobu C.C. 620 Ofunemachi, Hachioji-shi Tokyo 193-0935

Tachikawa Kokusai C.C.

Tachikawa Kokusai C.C. 2390 Kusabana, Akiruno-shi Tokyo 197-0802

Tama C.C.

Tama C.C. 3360 Sakahama, Inagi-shi Tokyo 206-0822

Tama Hills Golf Links

Tama Hills Golf Links Inagi-shi Tokyo 206-0822

Tokyo Birdie Club

Tokyo Birdie Club 5-2943 Osoki, Ome-shi Tokyo 198-0003

Tokyo Itsukaichi C.C.

Tokyo Itsukaichi C.C. 745 Ajiro, Akiruno-shi Tokyo 190-0155

Tokyo Kokusai C.C.

Tokyo Kokusai C.C. 1668 Shimo-oyamada-machi Machida-shi Tokyo 194-0202

Tokyo Tomin Golf Links

Tokyo Tomin Golf Links 1-15-1 Shinden, Adachi-ku Tokyo 123-0865

Tokyo Yomiuri C.C.

Tokyo Yomiuri C.C. 685 Sakahama, Inagi-shi Tokyo 206-0822

Wakasu Golf Links

Wakasu Golf Links 35 Wakasu, Koto-ku Tokyo 136-0083

Yomiuri G.C.

Yomiuri G.C. 3376-1 Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi Tokyo 206-0812

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