Chang An Golf & Country Club

Chang An Golf & Country Club, 5 Yu-Shan, Kung-si, Hsin-Chu County

Chang Gung Golf Club

Chang Gung Golf Club, 23-4 Ta Pu Road, Chiu Lu Village, Gua Sung, Taoyuan

Chiau-Sih Golf Club

Chiau-Sih Golf Club, 156 Lin Wei Road, Lin Mei Village, Chiao Sih, Ilan County

Formosa First Golf & Country Club

Formosa First Golf & Country Club, 50 Mao Wei Chi, Keng-Tze Village, Lu-chu, Taoyuan County

Formosa Yangmei Golf & Country Club

Formosa Yangmei Golf & Country Club, 73 Peng Po, 13 Lin, Tung Liu Li, Yang Mei, Taoyuan County

Hotel Royal Golf Club

Hotel Royal Golf Club, 1 Lin, Yu Sun, Kuan Hsi, Hsinchu

Hsin Chu Golf & Country Club

Hsin Chu Golf & Country Club, 104 Shang Keng Village, Hsin Fong, Hsinchu County

Hsing Fu Golf Club

Hsing Fu Golf Club, 71-2 Hsia Fu Village, Ling Kou, Taipei Hsien

Jade Golf Club

Jade Golf Club, 16-1 Len Chi Street, Wan Hua, Taipei

Lily Golf & Country Club

Lily Golf & Country Club, 55 Hu Du, Kwan Hsi, Hsinchu

Linkou International Golf and Country Club

Linkou International Golf and Country Club, 50-1 Hou Woo Road, Woo Pei Village, Ling Kou, Taipei, Northern Taiwan

Miramar Golf & Country Club

Miramar Golf & Country Club, Hsia Fu Road, 1 Lin, Hsia Fu Village, Ling Kou, Taipei

New Tamsui Golf Club

New Tamsui Golf Club, Pa Shen Road, Tam Sui, Taipei County

Pa Li International Golf Course

Pa Li International Golf Course, Pao Doou Tsuoh Keng Chia, Pao Tsouh, Ling Kou, Taipei

Pao Fu Golf & Country Club

Pao Fu Golf & Country Club, 22 Hsiao Tung Keng, Tung Ping Li, Kwan Hsi Cheng, Hsinchu

Pearl Height Golf Course

Pearl Height Golf Course, 5 Tsao Pu Wei, Tsao Li Village, Shih-Men, Taipei

Sun City Golf & Country Club

Suncity Golf Club, No. 13, Yushanli, Kuanhsi Jet (town), Hsinchu

Sunrise Golf & Country Club

Sunrise Golf & Country Club, 256 Yang Sheng Road, Yang Mei, Taoyuan

Ta-Shee Golf Course & Resort

Ta Shee Golf & Country Club , 166, Jih-Shin Road, Yung-Fu, Ta Shee, Tao Yuan County

Taipei Golf Club

Taipei Golf Club, 34-1 Chih Tu Chi, Lu Chu, Taoyuan

Taiwan Golf and Country Club

Taiwan Golf and Country Club, 32 Lane 6, Sec. 1, Chung Cheng Road, Tam Sui, Taipei

Tan-Shui Golf & Country Club

Tan-Shui Golf & Country Club, 309 Shang Kung Road, Tan Sui, Taipei

Tao Yuan Golf & Country Club

Tao Yuan Golf & Country Club, 39, 23 Lin, Chiu Long Village, Long Tan, Taoyuan County

The Eagle Golf Club

The Eagle Golf Club, 14 Nang Kung, Sun-Suei Village, Lung-Tang, Taoyuan County

The Orient Golf & Country Club

The Orient Golf & Country Club, 16-11 Tung Chiu Lu Keng, Guasung, Taoyuan County

Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club

Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club, 99 Tung Hwa Road, Hsia Fu Village, Ling Kou, Taipei County

Tsai Hsing Golf Club

Tsai Hsing Golf Club, 50 Nan Wo, Chang An Village, Woo Kou, Hsinchu

Universal Fortune Golf Club

Universal Fortune Golf Club, 37, 9 Lin, Shen Ching Village, Pau sun, Hsinchu

Yunghan Golf Club

Yunghan Golf Club, 111, 9 Lin, San Chiao Chun, Lu Chu, Taoyuan

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