Cambridge Golf Driving Range

Cambridge Golf Driving Range, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0DL

Cambridge Golf and Conference Centre, John Letters Golf Academy

Cambridge Golf and Conference Centre, John Letters Golf Academy, Hemingford, Cambridge Road, Huntingdon, PE28 9HQ

Ely On Par Golf Driving Range

Ely On Par Golf Driving Range, Downham Rd, Ely, CB6 2SH

Swingers '92 Golf Driving Range

Swingers '92 Golf Driving Range, East of England Showground, Oundle Road, Peterborough PE2 6XE

Hemingford Abbots Golf Club

Hemingford Abbots Golf Club, Fairways Lodge, Cambridge Road, Hemingford Abbots, PE28 9HQ

Cambridge Lakes Golf Course

Cambridge Lakes Golf Course, Trumpington Road, Cambridge CB2 2AJ

Cambridge Meridian Golf Club

Cambridge Meridian Golf Club, Comberton Road, Toft, CB3 2RY

Cromwell Golf Club

Cromwell Golf Club, Eynesbury Hardwicke, St Neots, PE19 6XN

Elton Furze Golf Club

Elton Furze Golf Club, Bullock Road, Haddon, Peterborouh, PE7 3TT

Ely City Golf Club

Ely City Golf Club, 107 Cambridge Road, Ely, CB7 4HX

Girton Golf Club

Girton Golf Club, Dodford Lane, Girton, CB3 0QE

The Gog Magog Golf Club

Gog Magog Golf Club, Shelford Bottom, Cambridge, CB2 4AB

Heydon Grange Golf & Country Club

Heydon Grange Golf & Country Club, Heydon, Nr Royston, SG8 7NS

Lakeside Lodge Golf Centre

Lakeside Lodge Golf Centre, Fen Road, Pidley, Huntingdon, PE28 3DF

March Golf Club

March Golf Club, Frogs Abbey, Grange Road, March, PE15 0YH

Menzies Cambridge Hotel and Golf Club

Menzies Cambridge Hotel and Golf Club, (formerly Cambridgeshire Moat House Golf Club), Bar Hill, Cambridge, CB3 8EU

Old Nene Golf & Country Club

Old Nene Golf & Country Club, Muchwood Lane, Bodsey, Ramsey, PE26 2XQ

Orton Meadows Golf Club - Nene Park Golf

Orton Meadows Golf Club, Ham Lane, Peterborough, PE2 5UU

Peterborough Milton Golf Club

Peterborough Milton Golf Club, Milton Ferry, Peterborough, PE6 7AG

Ramsey Golf and Bowls Club

Ramsey Golf and Bowls Club, 4 Abbey Terrace, Ramsey, Huntingdon, PE17 1DD

St Ives Golf Club

St Ives Golf Club, Needingworth Road, St Ives Cambs PE27 4NB

St Neots Golf Club

St Neots Golf Club, Crosshall Road, St Neots, PE19 7GE

Stilton Oaks Golf Club

Stilton Oaks Golf Club, 34 High Street, Stilton, Peterborough, PE7 3RA

Thorney Lakes Golf Centre

Thorney Lakes Golf Centre, English Drove, Thorney, Peterborough, PE6 0TJ

Thorpe Wood Golf Club - Nene Park Golf

Thorpe Wood Golf Club, Nene Parkway, Peterborough, PE3 6SE

Tydd St. Giles Golf and Country Club

Tydd St. Giles Golf and Country Club, Kirkgate, Tydd St. Giles, Wisbech, PE13 5NZ

Waterbeach Golf Club

Waterbeach Golf Club, Waterbeach Barracks, Waterbeach, Cambridge, CB5 9PA

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