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Commercial Manager EMEA, Bushnell Golf
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January 26, 2023
M. James Ward in
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Darren Bragg has been a PGA Pro for 25 over years now with vast experience throughout the industry, qualifying at Camberley Heath, playing on various tours around the world, setting up and running the North London Golf Academy which involved extensive coaching, club fitting and retail and 6 years in the golf travel industry.

Joining Bushnell Golf, such an iconic and innovative brand, and utilizing his experience alongside a passionate team and loyal partners is a rewarding experience.

Darren Bragg interview - Bushnell


The Bragg Story

I have been passionate about golf and performance for nearly 40 years, I feel very fortunate to have spent the last 25 years in golf professionally and have enjoyed seeing how the game has progressed through technology advancements and knowledge in particular.

I can remember the first time I saw and used a laser rangefinder back in the early 2000s, it was the lightbulb moment opening the door to technology and sport.

I now find myself working for Bushnell Golf, the market leaders in the distance measuring device space. The technology evolution over the last twenty years has been insane and now being involved in a business that is at the forefront of innovation is a surreal and exciting time.



What was the genesis for Bushnell Golf as a company?

Our goal back in 1996 was to make getting distance around the golf course easier, at that time we launched the first affordable laser rangefinders to golfers. Since then we have led the way for nearly every technological advancement in the electric measuring device category.

How does Bushnell Golf differentiate itself from others in the category?

We put an emphasis to listening to dedicated golfers and bringing advance technologies to our products to improve golfers games.

P2 Slope

What impact did the global pandemic have on the company and what's the prognosis for '23 in terms of sales against the year prior?

Golf has without doubt had a marked ‘boom period’ over the last 2 years and throughout the pandemic, with the number of new golfers and those returning to the game, it has really been incredible.

We have a positive sales outlook for 2023, following the successful launches of the Pro X3 laser and ION Elite GPS watch in 22 and with some exciting new products launching in Spring.

Who is your customer now?

We have dedicated ourselves to producing the best-in-class portfolio of products for all golfers at every level. Our products help golfers get the most out of their golfing experience whilst improving their accuracy and increasing their enjoyment of the game.

What steps is the company taking now to widen its overall visibility?

We are always striving to ensure that our iconic brand is best positioned in the marketplace through all of our marketing activity including product launches, social media, tv and our global ambassadors the Korda sisters.

Companies routinely tout the importance of customer service. Define the term and the approach followed by Bushnell.

Our customer service is all about providing quality innovative products, with global aftercare points that allow our consumers to receive market leading customer service where ever they are based in the world.

How does Bushnell encourage feedback and what role does it play with future product efforts?

We are constantly using social listening, consumer reviews and consumer feedback alongside our expertise to push innovation in our products.

What type of future innovations is the company working on now?

We have some new products launching in Spring and we are always looking to drive innovation in the Distance Measuring Devic (DMD) category.

When do you think range finders will be permitted in actual competition on the PGA TOUR?

We are hopeful use of lasers will continue in tour golf, we have seen this already at the PGA Championship and can see other events and tours following suit.

Biggest challenges facing Bushnell short and long term are what and what steps are being taken to address each?

Post Covid and global economic downturn is certainly affecting everyone and no doubt will have an impact on consumer purchases, but golf has been fortunate through recent years with a huge Covid boom which was incredible.


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