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President of Ashworth Golf
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April 6, 2024
M. James Ward in
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The Fadel Story

Seasoned apparel executive with over four decades of diverse retail management such as brick and mortar, e-commerce, and wholesale sales as well as product development, product line design and material sourcing.

Inspired leadership and a model of integrity for employees and business partners.

Creates best practices to frame, structure and synthesize complex data into strong brand strategies and marketing plans.

Eddie Fadel

The Fadel Way

A highly respected golf apparel executive is “coming home” as the President of Ashworth, having previously served in many capacities for the iconic brand after its debut in 1987.

Fadel’s 40+ year career in the golf apparel industry has spanned every sector of the supply chain, and in this new role, Fadel is responsible for leading the resurgence of Ashworth in the U.S. marketplace.

His expertise in sourcing the best fabrics and materials, combined with his deep understanding of all facets of the supply chain, will help reinvigorate an authentic, classic brand, while also integrating a blend of innovative design elements for today’s discerning golfer.

Eddie Fadel and Fred Couples
Eddie & Fred Couples


When you hear the word fashion – what does that mean to you?

Today fashion can have many different meanings; new, modern, innovative, and seasonal. To me fashion is the new modern looks for golf.


What differentiates Ashworth from others in the apparel category?

Ashworth has always connected emotionally with its consumers, and they live the brand, they don’t just wear it. It’s an authentic golf lifestyle.

Eddie Fadel interview - Ashworth golf apparel

Biggest mistake men make regarding fashion choices is what?

Fit and pattern. Wearing the wrong fit or wearing the wrong print or color.


You've worked closely with Fred Couples, a past Masters champion, for many years in his promotion efforts for Ashworth. What makes him so appealing to both the company and to those who are potential customers?

It’s a natural fit for Fred. Fred is authentic just like Ashworth. He does not have to try to be cool, he just is.

Eddie Fadel interview - Ashworth golf apparel

How has Fred's clothing evolved since his early days when he started on the PGA TOUR to now during his involvement with the Champions Tour?

The biggest change is fit and fabric. In the beginning, he wore all cotton which was oversized. Today is a better fit and in a more innovative performance fabric.


Who is Ashworth's customer today and how are you reaching them to remain with the company?

There are many loyal Ashworth customers who are thrilled we are back and there are our new fabrics and fit that are attracting the younger demographic.

The marketplace in the apparel category is extremely competitive, as you well know. What's the most important element that Ashworth concentrates on regarding such a shifting climate and the vagaries tied to customer loyalty?

Remain authentic to golf and to be who we are. We are not chasing trends.


Besides Fred Couples – name me the best dressed male golfers you have seen in the last 25 years.

Davis Love always dressed well.

Eddie Fadel interview - Ashworth golf apparel

Best advice you can share with men contemplating a real makeover in terms of their golf clothing choices?

Before you buy anything, go through your closet, and organize it to determine what you are missing from your wardrobe and go from there.

Creating a brand in the golf apparel lane is no easy proposition. How has Ashworth's brand evolved from its earliest days to 2024 and looking beyond that in the years ahead?

Ashworth has evolved due to our strategic partnership with NewTimes. We now have far greater product abilities.


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