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Jonsson Workwear Open R3
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March 25, 2023
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Alexander Knappe carded a 65 marred by a single bogey to take the 54-hole lead at 17-under in South Africa.

"I played nicely, almost hit every green I think," said the German.

"I could have been lower but then on 17 made one bogey - still, I'm a human being, I can't be hard on myself.

"I had no strategy, to be honest, I just played golf and see how it ended up, and shot seven under which is nice!

"It will be the first time for me to lead a big event, I will assess my expectations tonight and enjoy the moment for now - it was a great round."

Sweden's Joakim Lagergren shot a bogey-free 63 to move into a share of second place at 16-under.

""I played really nicely today, my iron shots were a lot better than the previous two days.

"I hit it well off the tee as well and holed a few putts, so basically everything was pretty good. I hit a few poor wedge shots but other than that, flawless.

"It's been a while since I was bogey-free, so that was nice. It's always fun to be in the mix, so I'm looking forward to it."

Tied alongside Lagergren are South African Hennie Du Plessis (65), overnight leader Nick Bachem (69) from Germany and Malaysia's Gavin Green (67).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1KNAPPE, Alexander-17686665
2DU PLESSIS, Hennie-16696665
​LAGERGREN, Joakim-16657263
​BACHEM, Nick-16656669
​GREEN, Gavin-16666767
6FERGUSON, Ewen-15666966
​LANGASQUE, Romain-15686469
​VORSTER, Martin-15646968
9STRYDOM, Ockie-14696469
10LOMBARD, Zander-13686966
O'KENNEDY, Hennie-13656969
​SΓ–DERBERG, Sebastian-13656969
​SCHNEIDER, Marcel-13686570
​BRUN, Julien-13676670
15SIMONSEN, Martin-12667167
​KRUYSWIJK, Jacques-12686868
​BROWN, Daniel-12696867
​NIENABER, Wilco-12676968
​VΓ„LIMΓ„KI, Sami-12676572
​ALBERTSE, Louis-12696669
21KORHONEN, Mikko-11677068
​DAVIDSE, Keenan-11696868
​FISHER, Ross-11696769
​GUERRIER, Julien-11706669
​LONG, Hurly-11677167
LINDBERG, Mikael-11696769
​PAVON, Matthieu-11746566
​SAMOOJA, Kalle-11686572
29DINGLE, Wynand-10686969
​FOLLETT-SMITH, Benjamin-10677069
​KRUGER, Jbe-10686870
​DONALDSON, Jamie-10686969
​BALDWIN, Matthew-10686870
​LUITEN, Joost-10676871
​SCHAPER, Jayden-10666971
​JOHANNESSEN, Kristian Krogh-10706868
​DEL REY, Alejandro-10726767
38DU PREEZ, James Hart-9697068
​SCIOT-SIEGRIST, Robin-9687069
​VAN TONDER, Daniel-9676971
​WALTERS, Justin-9696771
​COCKERILL, Aaron-9666972
​HUNDEBØLL, Oliver-9686970
​SMITH, Jordan-9696969
​ROWE, Lyle-9706869
​WARING, Paul-9677169
​SULLIVAN, Andy-9677169
48SORDET, ClΓ©ment-8696970
​NØRGAARD, Niklas-8667072
50DANTORP, Jens-7736670
VAN ZYL, Jaco-7716870
​BREMNER, Merrick-7697070
​CATLIN, John-7697070
​WEARS-TAYLOR, Stefan-7687071
​SYME, Connor-7706970
​LEE, Joshua-7686774
​WILSON, Oliver-7686972
​VILJOEN, MJ-7696971
59ROHWER, Martin-6697071
​BAWDEN, Bradley-6697071
​NORRIS, Shaun-6716871
​PRINSLOO, Jaco-6716772
​MOSTERT, Dylan-6696675
​GERMISHUYS, Deon-6736671
​COETZEE, George-6667272
​SCHIETEKAT, Neil-6696873
67VON DELLINGSHAUSEN, Nicolai-5677272
​FICHARDT, Darren-5647275
​AIKEN, Thomas-5726673
​LAWRENCE, Thriston-5686875
71FISHER JNR, Trevor-4677273
​HUTSBY, Sam-4696974
​ERIKSSON, Philip-4697073
​HILL, Calum-4667274
​DE JAGER, Louis-4696875
​CHENGYAO, Ma-4706874
77MCKIBBIN, Tom-3687075
78GAVINS, Daniel+4677281
79FIGUEIREDO, Pedro-46971-
​FORSSTRΓ–M, Simon-46971-
​KIM, Yeongsu-46872-
​SOUTHGATE, Matthew-47169-
​WIEBE, Gunner-47367-
​OTAEGUI, Adrian-47268-
​KORB, Ruan-46971-
​BREEN, Adam-46872-
​BARKER, Kyle-46872-
​FILIPPI, Luca-47070-
​JERLING, Luke-47070-
​HUIZING, Daan-47169-
​MOOLMAN, Pieter-47169-
92BRUINERS, Heinrich-36972-
​DU PLESSIS, CJ-37269-
​STRYDOM, Tristen-37071-
​CONRADIE, Estiaan-37269-
​LAW, David-37170-
​AHLERS, Jaco-37467-
​CABRERA BELLO, Rafa-36972-
​VENTER, Albert-37071-
​KO, Jeong weon-36873-
CLEMENTS, Todd-37071-
​WINTHER, Jeff-37170-
​BLAAUW, Jacques-37269-
​RAVETTO, David-37071-
​KARLSSON, Anton-37071-
​SENEKAL, JJ-36972-
​ARNAUS, Adri-37368-
108DE VILLIERS, Jacques P-27171-
​SCHOTT, Freddy-27369-
​STONE, Brandon-27072-
​FREIBURGHAUS, Jeremy-27072-
​REDMAN, Jake-26874-
​EASTON, Bryce-27171-
​JARVIS, Casey-27270-
​BRADBURY, Dan-27567-
​OTTO, Hennie-27171-
​NEMECZ, Lukas-27072-
118SMITH, Jason-17271-
​VAN DER SPUY, Rourke-16974-
​ELVIRA, Nacho-17271-
​KAMINSKI, Rupert-17073-
​BESSELING, Wil-17172-
​MWANDLA, Siyanda-17370-
​CONRADIE, Ruan-17172-
​MICHAEL, Anthony-17271-
​FERREIRA, Stephen-17172-
​PALMER, Michael G-17172-
​HUGO, Jean-17568-
​BEKKER, Oliver-16974-
130PARRY, JohnPar7272-
​SMIT, CombrinckPar7371-
​PULKKANEN, TapioPar7173-
​BROWN, LukePar6975-
​WHITNELL, DalePar7371-
135NAIDOO, Dylan+17174-
​HARDING, Justin+17372-
137EDÉN, Tobias+27571-
​GRADECKI, Mateusz+27472-
​RITCHIE, JC+27373-
​LOUBSER, Herman+27274-
​STALTER, JoΓ«l+27175-
142LEVY, Alexander+37770-
​AXELSEN, John+37374-
144GANDAS, Manu+47573-
145MOWAT, Callum+57574-
​MAZIBUKO, Makhetha+57772-
​NETHUNZWI, Musiwalo+57277-
148BOSHOFF, Paul+67575-
​MANCHEST, Franklin+67674-
150POONAN, Adriel+87775-
​PENNINGTON, James+87874-
​HAINDL, Alex+87874-
153VUKEYA, Evance+97875-
154NEL, Therion+118174-
155MAVUNDLA, Thanda+127680-
156GALANT, Tristin+168377-
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Jonsson Workwear Open 2023

Date: March 23rd - 26th 2023

Location: The Club at Steyn City, Johannesburg, South Africa

Purse: $1,500,000

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