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Ras Al Khaimah Championship R4
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January 28, 2024
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Thorbjørn Olesen started the day with a four-shot lead and shot a final round 67, featuring an eagle at the par-5 8th and a double bogey at the par-4 2nd, to reach 27-under and win his eighth DP World Tour title by six shots.

"It was still a battle out there, it got close and you've got one of the most talented players right behind you so I knew it was going to be tough and we were tied for the lead very quickly.

"I played some nice golf coming in and holed the right putts at the right time.

"To win was a goal and it was nice to get that here, especially being here at my new home. It's always a place I like to come to, not just for golf but for holidays. It's a great place and I'm really happy that I could get a win here."

Fellow Dane Rasmus Højgaard shot a 69 to finish second at 21-under followed a shot behind by France's Frederic Lacroix (68)  in third place.

England's Callum Shinkwin who led after the first round carded a 68 for a share of fourth place at 17-under alongside South Africa's Brandon Stone (70), Japan's Keita Nakajima (67) and Germany's Yannik Paul (68) and Maximilian Kieffer (66).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3R4Total
1OLESEN, Thorbjørn-2769626367261
2HØJGAARD, Rasmus-2166646869267
3LACROIX, Frederic-2065696668268
4STONE, Brandon-1764706770271
SHINKWIN, Callum-1762697268271
PAUL, Yannik-1767686868271
NAKAJIMA, Keita-1772666667271
KIEFFER, Maximilian-1769676966271
9HIDALGO, Angel-1668676671272
GRENVILLE-WOOD, Joshua-1667686869272
SÖDERBERG, Sebastian-1667696967272
MANSELL, Richard-1664717067272
13BESARD, Matthis-1570646871273
LOMBARD, Zander-1566667071273
LORENZO-VERA, Mike-1568676969273
16PEPPERELL, Eddie-1468687068274
ELVIRA, Nacho-1473676767274
MCKIBBIN, Tom-1469687067274
FITZPATRICK, Alex-1468697166274
20CLEMENTS, Todd-1368676773275
DE JAGER, Louis-1373676768275
GIRRBACH, Joel-1369687266275
23HELLIGKILDE, Marcus-1267686675276
ZANOTTI, Fabrizio-1268656974276
ELVIRA, Manuel-1268627274276
GOUVEIA, Ricardo-1265707071276
FERGUSON, Ewen-1270666971276
WHITNELL, Dale-1269697068276
SCHAPER, Jayden-1269697068276
HILLIER, Daniel-1270677168276
COCKERILL, Aaron-1267707267276
MORRISON, James-1270667367276
BAIRSTOW, Sam-1270707165276
34NØRGAARD, Niklas-1169677170277
SYME, Connor-1170696969277
COUSSAUD, Ugo-1167717267277
37SCHOTT, Freddy-1065697272278
CAMPILLO, Jorge-1067726871278
DEL REY, Alejandro-1071686970278
GARCIA, Sebastian-1070687070278
PRINSLOO, Jaco-1071667170278
CABRERA BELLO, Rafa-1071696969278
HILL, Calum-1072696968278
SHARMA, Shubhankar-1070687268278
SIEM, Marcel-1069717167278
WIESBERGER, Bernd-1069707267278
47SVENSSON, Jesper-971676972279
GREEN, Gavin-967726971279
DU PLESSIS, Hennie-973657071279
BRUN, Julien-970697070279
WARING, Paul-969707070279
SCRIVENER, Jason-969687270279
ARMITAGE, Marcus-971707167279
54NEMECZ, Lukas-870716970280
VEERMAN, Johannes-867717270280
56SCALISE, Lorenzo-770717070281
LAW, David-768697569281
SORDET, Clément-769727268281
59COLSAERTS, Nicolas-670647078282
KO, Jeong weon-672697071282
LAPORTA, Francesco-672667470282
ROTTLUFF, Maximilian-671697468282
63CANTER, Laurie-572696874283
SOUTHGATE, Matthew-569726973283
CROCKER, Sean-570677373283
GUERRIER, Julien-571707072283
LI, Haotong-570717270283
68JONES, Sam-466687377284
MIGLIOZZI, Guido-471677373284
70HARRINGTON, Padraig-271677375286
WIEBE, Gunner-272697372286
RAMSAY, Richie-271707471286
FRITTELLI, Dylan-269727570286
74LEWIS, Tom-172697373287
DONALDSON, Jamie-169707771287
76BROWN, DanielPar71687277288
HUIZING, DaanPar66727575288
78KAWAMURA, Masahiro+171677477289
79LONG, Hurly-27171--142
PENGE, Marco-27171--142
SULLIVAN, Andy-27270--142
BRADBURY, Dan-27270--142
BALDWIN, Matthew-27072--142
TARRIO, Santiago-27171--142
SMITH, Jordan-26973--142
JAMIESON, Scott-27072--142
LAWRENCE, Thriston-27270--142
FISHER, Ross-27171--142
FORSSTRÖM, Simon-27468--142
90BJØRN, Thomas-17766--143
BACHEM, Nick-17370--143
MOLINARI, Edoardo-17073--143
MICHELUZZI, David-17370--143
JORDAN, Matthew-17172--143
OTAEGUI, Adrian-17469--143
FORREST, Grant-17469--143
BLOMME, Adam-17271--143
98GALLACHER, StephenPar6975--144
ARNAUS, AdriPar7569--144
CANTERO, IvanPar7272--144
VAILLANT, TomPar7272--144
STRYDOM, OckiePar7470--144
FICHARDT, DarrenPar7569--144
KINHULT, MarcusPar7371--144
ENEFER, WillPar6876--144
106PAVAN, Andrea+17372--145
WU, Ashun+17669--145
CELLI, Filippo+16877--145
SADDIER, Adrien+17471--145
SCHNEIDER, Marcel+16877--145
SCHWAB, Matthias+17075--145
KJELDSEN, Søren+17768--145
113KOFSTAD, Espen+27274--146
HANNA, Chase+27175--146
WILSON, Oliver+27373--146
HOSHINO, Rikuya+27076--146
JARVIS, Casey+27274--146
MANASSERO, Matteo+27373--146
119MANLEY, Stuart+37374--147
DANTORP, Jens+37176--147
KANG, Sung+37374--147
122CHOUHAN, Om Prakash+47474--148
FRIEDRICHSEN, Sebastian+47474--148
124JOHANNESSEN, Kristian Krogh+57574--149
125CHEN, Guxin+67278--150
LARRAZÁBAL, Pablo+67773--150
BLIXT, Jonas+67674--150
128AL MUSHARREKH, Ahmed+78071--151
SELVARAJ, Jonathan (AM)+77675--151
130GAVINS, Daniel+87874--152
131KOFOD-OLSEN, Viktor (AM)+97776--153
W/DKIMSEY, Nathan+476---76
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