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Singapore Classic R2
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February 10, 2023
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19-year-old Chinese amateur Ding Wenyi carded two eagles, two birdies and a bogey to join overnight leader Tom McKibbin in the lead at 11-under before play was suspended overnight due to fading light.

Play was suspended for an hour in the afternoon due to flooded greens. Round 2 will resume at 0815 on Saturday.

"I played very nicely most of the day, especially the front nine. A little bit colder on the back, overall a pretty good day," said McKibbin.

"I just hoped we would finish it off. I didn’t fancy coming back early in the morning to hit three shots, very happy we managed it.

"I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully go out and play some of my own golf, concentrate well and see how it goes."

Northern Ireland's McKibbin closed with a 69 after the delay while Ding still has four holes to play.

Germany's Marcel Schneider (67) and England's Andy Sullivan (65) are tied in third at 10-under ahead of a group of eight players tied for fifth at 9-under among them Scotland's Scott Jamieson and England's Nathan Kimsey.

Pos.PlayerThruTodayTo ParR1R2Total
1MCKIBBIN, Tom18-3-116469133
​DING, Wenyi (AM)14-5-1166--
3SCHNEIDER, Marcel18-5-106767134
​SULLIVAN, Andy18-7-106965134
5HUTSBY, Sam18-5-96867135
​JAMIESON, Scott18-5-96867135
​PAPADATOS, Dimitrios18-7-97065135
​KIMSEY, Nathan18-3-96669135
​PAVON, Matthieu18-2-96570135
​FORREST, Grant17-5-968--
WANG, Jeunghun17-4-967--
​BRUN, Julien15-5-968--
13WHITNELL, Dale18-4-86868136
​LONG, Hurly18-4-86868136
​VΓ„LIMΓ„KI, Sami16-1-865--
​DEL REY, Alejandro16-7-871--
​WARING, Paul14-2-866--
18FORSSTRΓ–M, Simon18Par-76572137
​WINTHER, Jeff18-3-76869137
​SMITH, Jordan18-2-76770137
​NØRGAARD, Niklas18-6-77166137
​TARRIO, Santiago18-8-77364137
23LOMBARD, Zander18-1-66771138
​OTAEGUI, Adrian18-4-67068138
​RAVETTO, David18-1-66771138
FISHER, Ross18-5-67167138
​MANSELL, Richard18-2-66870138
​QUAYLE, Anthony17-5-671--
​SAMOOJA, Kalle16-3-669--
​STAL, Gary13-4-670--
31HILL, Calum18-7-57465139
​ROZNER, Antoine18Par-56772139
​STRYDOM, Ockie18-4-57168139
​PULKKANEN, Tapio18-4-57168139
​FIGUEIREDO, Pedro18-1-56871139
​ELVIRA, Nacho17-6-573--
​JOHANNESSEN, Kristian Krogh16-2-569--
​ZANOTTI, Fabrizio15-3-570--
​HELLIGKILDE, Marcus14-6-573--
​LAGERGREN, Joakim13+2-565--
41AXELSEN, John18+1-46773140
​APHIBARNRAT, Kiradech18-1-46971140
​HANNA, Chase18-2-47070140
​LEVY, Alexander18-4-47268140
​SIEM, Marcel18-6-47466140
​DOBBELAAR, Louis18-3-47169140
​FOX, Ryan16-4-472--
​JORDAN, Matthew14-3-471--
49SORDET, ClΓ©ment18-3-37269141
​SOUTHGATE, Matthew18-1-37071141
SYME, Connor18-2-37170141
​WU, Ashun18-2-37170141
​COLSAERTS, Nicolas18-1-37071141
​BRADBURY, Dan18-4-37368141
​DONALDSON, Jamie18-2-37170141
​LORENZO-VERA, Mike18-4-37368141
​STALTER, JoΓ«l18-3-37269141
​BESSELING, Wil18Par-36972141
​ANG, Ryan (AM)18-3-37269141
​KRAIVIXIEN, Amarin18-3-37269141
​KNAPPE, Alexander18+1-36873141
​BJΓ–RK, Alexander18+1-36873141
​LANGASQUE, Romain18-2-37170141
​GERMISHUYS, Deon18-2-37170141
​SEMIKAWA, Taiga18-3-37269141
​BROWN, Daniel18-1-37071141
​LINDBERG, Mikael17-3-372--
​MORRISON, James17-1-370--
​RAMSAY, Richie16-2-371--
​GUERRIER, Julien13-1-370--
Projected cut
71KO, Jeong weon18-4-27468142
​SCHAPER, Jayden18-2-27270142
​FERGUSON, Ewen18Par-27072142
​KIEFFER, Maximilian18-1-27171142
​SΓ–DERBERG, Sebastian18-2-27270142
​EASTON, Bryce18-1-27171142
​KORHONEN, Mikko18-2-27270142
​BJØRN, Thomas16-1-271--
​PAUL, Yannik15-2-272--
​IWASAKI, Aguri13-2-272--
81HOSHINO, Rikuya18-1-17271143
​ARMITAGE, Marcus18+4-16776143
​LEE, Joshua18-3-17469143
​KAWAMURA, Masahiro18+1-17073143
​WINDRED, Blake18-3-17469143
​DANTORP, Jens18-2-17370143
​DE JAGER, Louis18-4-17568143
​SURI, Julian18+2-16974143
​CAMPILLO, Jorge16+1-170--
​COETZEE, George16Par-171--
​CLEMENTS, Todd14-1-172--
92PEPPERELL, Eddie18ParPar7272144
​HURLEY, Gary18+3Par6975144
​WALTERS, Justin18+2Par7074144
​GREEN, Gavin16+1Par71--
​KRISTJANSSON, Gudmundur14+4Par68--
​KHO, Taichi13+1Par71--
98SIMONSEN, Martin18+1+17273145
​CABRERA BELLO, Rafa18+1+17273145
​VAN TONDER, Daniel18+2+17174145
BACHEM, Nick18+1+17273145
​CHANTANANUWAT, TK Ratchanon (AM)18-1+17471145
​VILJOEN, MJ18Par+17372145
​CHEN, Guxin14Par+173--
​VENTER, Albert13+1+172--
106SCIOT-SIEGRIST, Robin18+1+27373146
​VAN DRIEL, Darius18+2+27274146
​WARREN, Marc18+2+27274146
​KINHULT, Marcus18+2+27274146
​HUNDEBØLL, Oliver18-3+27769146
​MACINTYRE, Robert16Par+274--
​PIKE, Aaron13Par+274--
113FREIBURGHAUS, Jeremy18+1+37473147
​CATLIN, John18+3+37275147
​ARNAUS, Adri18+1+37473147
​WIEBE, Gunner18+2+37374147
​BALDWIN, Matthew14+1+374--
118ParRY, John18+3+47375148
​LI, Haotong16-2+478--
120FAHRBRING, Jens18Par+57772149
​GANDAS, Manu18+3+57475149
​CHENGYAO, Ma18+4+57376149
​LAWRENCE, Thriston18+2+57574149
​SCHOTT, Freddy18Par+57772149
​MURPHY, John18+3+57475149
126HILLIER, Daniel18+7+67179150
​VEERMAN, Johannes18+5+67377150
128BRING, Christoffer18+7+77279151
129EDÉN, Tobias18+3+87775152
130WILSON, Oliver14+3+1079--
​REDMAN, Jake13+2+1080--
W/DKJELDSEN, SΓΈren13:55-+274--
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Singapore Classic 2023

Date: February 9th - 12th 2023

Location: Laguna National Golf Resort Club, Singapore

Purse: $2,000,000

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