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Students want to play golf and not spend a fortune - check out these venues in the UK.
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April 2, 2024
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Golf is an inclusive game which brings people together and lifetime friendships are created. It is a channel to get a glimpse of nature, stay calm, and improve your abilities. Finding the best place to play without spending money is the main thing for students. This guide presents our selection of student-friendly golf destinations in the UK. Such places combine low fees, beautiful scenery, and a friendly atmosphere. Let us explore some notable establishments where you can play and find new golf buddies.

Richmond Park Golf Course, London

Surrounding the thick green tree covers of Richmond Park, this golf club is an absolute paradise for London's students. It is not specifically about golf. It is also a chance to explore the beauty of nature. The course is a good match for any skill level; it gives an opportunity to more experienced players but still is an easy and accessible choice for beginners.

Although the price is not the cheapest, it is still affordable to students with limited incomes. Moreover, you will even have the money to delegate essays and other papers. But which company should you choose? Some students come across, and it’s a bad idea. Read as many reviews as possible before making your final choice.

Richmond Park, London


Harborne Church Farm Golf Course, Birmingham

It is a small-scale place, and it is very popular among the students in Birmingham. It is a condensed 9-hole course, perfect for a fun-filled game or training. The course is well taken care of, and there are different challenges that you can choose to improve the various aspects of your game. Fees are dictated by affordability; therefore, they lean toward students looking for budget-friendly fun activities.

Nature surrounds it and provides a very calming environment. So, it is a perfect spot to rejuvenate yourself and have a break from your studies. But you better delegate some assignments in advance so that nothing distracts you from the game. But how do you choose a reliable writing service? Well, find an honest opinion on This academic hub will allow you to learn more about thousands of writing services.

Harborne Church Farm Golf Course, Birmingham


Filton Golf Club, Bristol

Filton Golf Club in Bristol is precisely the kind of place that a golf-enthusiastic student would enjoy. Besides, this 18-hole course is a well-maintained fairway and green, ensuring a pleasant golf game each time you play. It is a place where students can respond to challenges without needing a certain skill level. The club offers students competitive membership and green fee rates, thus keeping golf playing accessible. Aside from the game, Filton Golf Club is equally known for its friendly regulars. So, check discount speedypaper can offer, hire one, and say no to your daily routine!

Filton Golf Club, Bristol

St. Andrews Pitch and Putt, Cardiff

St. Andrews Pitch and Putt in Cardiff is ideal for students who love golf but need more time for a full-length 18-hole course. It is ideal for mastering the short game and for new fun with your friends. It's cheap, making it affordable for students on a tight budget. Course design is geared to give a quick pace of play so your round fits into your busy schedule. This place will also function as a perfect retreat for a day of recreation, situated in a scenic park. But don't start your golf session without delegating the papers and reserving time to rest! Check if temptation to pay people to do your homework is strong. Next, pay up and say no to academic stress.

Caldecott Hall Golf Club, Norfolk

Caldecott Hall Golf Club in Norfolk is an ideal spot for students passionate about golf or simply looking for a quiet day out. The club has two courses, which are 18-hole each and fit different skill levels and players' experience. Students will discover pricing to be reasonable, especially in tariffs designed to fit their budgets. In addition, the club's site, in an old castle surrounded by majestic nature and rich wildlife, has become a special place. Of course, the hall offers some extra services, such as a fitness centre and spa, that are great for relaxing after a round of golf.

Rouken Glen Golf Course, Glasgow

Rouken Glen Golf Course in Glasgow is an excellent destination for inexpensive and fun golfing for college students. This outdoor public course is the most famous one due to its truly stunning park since it has picturesque views and a very relaxing ambiance. The course design can accommodate players of all levels of backgrounds, with a sufficient challenge for the more experienced while being accessible to beginners. With moderate green fees and a friendly environment, it is a good place for students to try their hands at the game.

Leith Links Golf Course, Edinburgh

It is a special place for students because of its historical fascination. Youngsters should know that this is one of the oldest golf courses, so they can get closer to the game's origins! The course is a perfect fit for players of all skill levels, as it combines nine holes with a range of difficulties to help improve beginners' skills. By the way, don’t be afraid of the high entry level because the pricing policy of this golf course is quite flexible!

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