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Gordon Sargent to remain an amateur for another year. He will join the PGA Tour in 2025.
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April 23, 2024
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Gordon Sargent is by far and away the world’s best amateur golfer right now, and he’s expected to have a stellar professional career when he makes the step into the pro game. However, and quite surprisingly to some, Sargent has decided to knock back the PGA Tour, at least for now, with a different plan in mind.

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Gordon Sargent watches his drive on hole 17 during the second round of stroke play at the 2022 U.S. Amateur at Arcola Country Club in Paramus, N.J. on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022. (Kathryn Riley/USGA)

Sargent, 21, who hails from Alabama in the US, made it to the top of the world amateur rankings in 2023 and appeared at the US Open the same year as the low amateur. He has all the credentials required not only to be seen as the world’s best amateur but to be a golfer the PGA Tour are ready to welcome with open arms, which they have, via their PGA Tour University program. But for Sargent, it’s not enough to tempt him to take the jump just yet.

Of course, there would be a lot of positives to gain from joining the PGA Tour as a professional. It’s still the biggest tour in world golf; it’s the tour with the most coverage on TV and with every online sports betting operator, and it’s not like Sargent couldn’t more than hold his own amongst the competition. However, the Mark H. McCormack Medal winner looks to have opted to stay in college for another year, running across the entire 2024/25 campaign, which means his options are also left open until June of next year.

Now, there are plus points to making this decision, such as another year in the NCAA, where Sargent can continue to hone his craft, improve his game, and really prepare himself for the pro ranks. It is probably a case of when he joins the PGA Tour rather than if, but when he does, he will also have a guaranteed membership that will run until the close of the 2026 season, which is another significant positive. And while there’s no doubt Sargent’s intentions are to join the PGA Tour, another tour, in particular, will have taken note of the year’s delay.

The LIV Golf Tour will undoubtedly be watching Sargent’s situation closely, as he’s the perfect fit to join the breakaway tour. The Saudi Arabians could put together a very attractive financial package for the multiple-time amateur winner. He’d be a significant coup for LIV Golf. Still, it does appear unlikely that Sargent will even consider this route when he’s openly spoken about his desire to play on the PGA Tour and to compete in PGA Tour events as a professional.

Speaking on his situation, Sargent said, “I think there were a lot of expectations this year, and we’re looking to the postseason, but I think just staying another year, being a senior, enjoying the college life and also while knowing there’s a PGA Tour card still waiting for you, it gives you a lot of freedom if you need to make some changes and stuff. Then, off the golf course, just continue to mature as a person and just better prepare myself for the future.”

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