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AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open R3
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December 17, 2022
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Antoine Rozner carded a 68 on a windy Saturday at Mont Choisy Le Golf to reach 14-under. He takes a two-shot lead into the final day of the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open.

"It was tough out there. It was blowing a lot more than yesterday. It wasn't easy at all," said the Frenchman.

"The long game was tough and the putting was even worse, I thought.

"I struggled a little bit. I had a big putt on the fourth that helped me a lot, and made a birdie after that.

"So that helped me get the round going. After that it was very solid for the most part. I wish I could have maybe holed a couple more at the end but it is what it is and one more round to go.

"I feel like I missed a lot of opportunities but I still shot four under, so in those conditions it's pretty good. That helps me for the confidence and hopefully I can use that for tomorrow."

Compatriot Julien Brun closed with a 67 and lies in second place at 12-under followed by South Africa's Oliver Bekker (70) in third at 11-under.

First-round leader Sami VΓ€limΓ€ki (72) of Finland is tied in fourth at 10-under alongside France's Pierre Pineau (70).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1ROZNER, Antoine-14706468
2BRUN, Julien-12696867
3BEKKER, Oliver-11647170
4VΓ„LIMΓ„KI, Sami-10627272
​PINEAU, Pierre-10657170
6GARCIA-HEREDIA, Alfredo-9686673
​FORSSTRΓ–M, Simon-9716967
​SCHAPER, Jayden-9687267
9KO, Jeong weon-8677170
​MOSTERT, Dylan-8697168
11BRING, Christoffer-7676973
​GOUVEIA, Ricardo-7696971
13MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard-6726771
​STONE, Brandon-6717267
15GUILLAMOUNDEGUY, Oihan-5726673
​HURLEY, Gary-5726871
​EASTON, Bryce-5726970
​GUERRIER, Julien-5697567
​PENGE, Marco-5737068
20AIKEN, Thomas-4717071
​BRADLEY, Sean-4736970
​PRINSLOO, Jaco-4746870
​COUSSAUD, Ugo-4707369
24JARVIS, Casey-3696777
​RITCHIE, JC-3667275
FERREIRA, Stephen-3706875
​FIGUEIREDO, Pedro-3717270
​MICHAEL, Anthony-3756969
​KIMSEY, Nathan-3756969
30SOUTHGATE, Matthew-2697075
​FREIBURGHAUS, Jeremy-2717271
​KORB, Ruan-2717271
33McGOWAN, Ross-1746873
​BAWDEN, Bradley-1687473
​DE JAGER, Louis-1717173
​CANTER, Laurie-1707273
​KNAPPE, Alexander-1707273
​PAVON, Matthieu-1736973
​SIEM, Marcel-1736973
​STALTER, JoΓ«l-1737072
​VAN NIEKERK, Danie-1746972
42BURKE, ChristiaanPar736974
​DETRY, ThomasPar687474
​DANTORP, JensPar717174
​RAMA, NikhilPar727173
​CLEMENTS, ToddPar707373
​VENTER, AlbertPar697572
​STUREHED, HenricPar737172
​SNYMAN, IanPar717372
50MCKIBBIN, Tom+1707176
HOWIE, Craig+1707176
​STAL, Gary+1717076
​STERNE, Richard+1717175
​ROWE, Lyle+1697375
​LEMKE, Niklas+1677575
​CAΓ‘IZARES, Alejandro+1717175
​NAIDOO, Dylan+1746974
​ERICKSON, Dan+1687574
​FAHRBRING, Jens+1697573
60TARRIO, Santiago+2707276
​ELVIRA, Manuel+2717374
​RAVETTO, David+2707375
​DAVIDSE, Keenan+2727274
64MOOLMAN, Pieter+3746877
​ROHWER, Martin+3697575
66THOMAS, Keagan+4726979
​VORSTER, Martin+4727276
68SCHIETEKAT, Neil+6727080
​BJØRN, Thomas+6707478
70STRYDOM, Ockie+7697381
71AXELSEN, John+17669-
​BJERREGAARD, Lucas+17372-
​ERIKSSON, Philip+17669-
​DE VILLIERS, Jacques P+17174-
​KONIG, Harry+17372-
​VAN VELZEN, Ryan+16976-
​LEE, Joshua+17273-
​LIU, Yan Wei+17471-
​HUTSBY, Sam+17273-
​BRUINERS, Heinrich+17075-
​KAMINSKI, Rupert+17372-
​BARKER, Kyle+17273-
83MAZIBUKO, Makhetha+27274-
​ENOCH, Rhys+27571-
​COLSAERTS, Nicolas+27373-
​GUMBERG, Jordan+27373-
​CHESTERS, Ashley+27571-
​PARATORE, Renato+27373-
​BURMESTER, Dean+27175-
90HIDALGO, Angel+37572-
​JERLING, Luke+37473-
​KARLSSON, Anton+37275-
​DINGLE, Wynand+37473-
​DUMINY, Jordan+37275-
​MEYER, Velten+37671-
​ALBERTSE, Louis+37572-
​STRYDOM, Jean-Paul+37473-
​KARMIS, Peter+37275-
​POTGIETER, Aldrich (AM)+37473-
​REDMAN, Jake+37572-
HARRIES, Luke+37374-
​STORM, Graeme+37473-
​FARRELL, OJ+37374-
104LOUBSER, Herman+47474-
​CONRADIE, Estiaan+47672-
​SENEKAL, JJ+47870-
​WEST, Rhys+47474-
​KRISTJANSSON, Gudmundur+47870-
​BROWN, Luke+47276-
​SEENEEVASSEN, Vishnoo+47276-
​STRYDOM, Tristen+47573-
​SAGOO, Pavan+47573-
113SURRY, Steve+57772-
​SANTOS, Ricardo+57673-
​BAILEY, Brooklin+57970-
​SAINZ, Javier+57475-
​GERMISHUYS, Deon+57277-
​PALMER, Michael G+57673-
​DEL REY, Alejandro+56881-
​MCCLATCHIE, Kyle+57376-
​LINDBERG, Mikael+57277-
​KRUGER, Jbe+57673-
​FILIPPI, Luca+57376-
​HORNE, Keith+57376-
125BREMNER, Merrick+67674-
​FORREST, Grant+67278-
​VAN DEN HEEVER, Divan+67179-
​CALDERON, Matias+67377-
​THIMBA JNR, Toto+67575-
​PELLEGRIN, Pierre+67575-
​KOK, Michael+67278-
​WEARS-TAYLOR, Stefan+67674-
​RUSCH, Benjamin+68070-
134BREEN, Adam+77774-
​VAN ZYL, Jaco+77279-
​BERTHEUSSEN, Elias+77972-
​GRADECKI, Mateusz+77675-
​DE DECKER, Andre+77279-
139WILSNACH, Quintin+87478-
​DU PREEZ, James Hart+87775-
​VILJOEN, MJ+88072-
​MITCHELL, Malcolm+87478-
​OTTO, Hennie+87379-
​DU PLESSIS, CJ+87874-
145VAN WYK, Keelan+97677-
146CELLI, Filippo+107381-
​DU PLOOY, Gerard+107678-
​MURPHY, John+107084-
​HISATSUNE, Ryo+107777-
​CUARTERO BLANCO, Emilio+108074-
151ESPOSITO, Hugo+117778-
​SCHOTT, Freddy+117976-
153REITAN, Kristoffer+127779-
154SHERIDAN - MILLS, Henry+137879-
155CONRADIE, Ruan+187983-
RETDDA SILVA, Adilson+473--
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AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open 2022

Date: December 15th - 18th 2022

Location: Mont Choisy Le Golf, Grand Baie, Mauritius

Purse: €1,000,000

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