Distance measuring devices to be tested in tournaments

Tests of distance-measurement devices during competition will be undertaken from April to July at select PGA Canada, PGA Latinoamerica and Web.com Tour events, the US PGA Tour announced Tuesday.

Each tour will permit devices to be used by players and caddies in four events on each tour by enacting a temporarily local rule that allows measurement of distance only, not slope, wind or elevation.

"For years, there has been significant discussion and debate about whether distance measuring devices would have a positive or negative impact on competition at the highest levels of professional golf," tour chief tournaments officer Andy Pazder said.

"The only way we can accurately assess their impact is to conduct an actual test during official competition on one or more of our tours.

"We look forward to seeing how these tests go and carefully evaluating the use of the devices. Our evaluation will consider the impact on pace of play, optics and any other effects they might have on the competition."

The first event to feature the test will be the Costa Rica Classic on April 20-23.